Saturday, March 6, 2010

For those who are ordering their own HCG...

Lavenderdiva wrote me to let me know that HuCog brand of HCG is no longer in freeze dried form but pre-mixed. As soon as it's mixed, it begins to lose potency so if it takes 3-4 weeks to arrive, there's no point. She found 2 other brands that sell the freeze dried form with the rubber stopper top (which is why I chose the HuCog brand in the first place). Ovidac is manufactured in India, and Corion is manufactured in Switzerland. Both are slightly more expensive than the HuCog.

I'm feeling a little less puffy today. I have a home inspection to go to and may wear my "good" slacks - that will be a true test as to how much I've gained/released.

I have GOT to get my BUTT MOVING! I am so anxious to start my exercise routine. I don't think I'll have time this morning, however the whole house needs work again and that can definitely count as a work out.


nikkispower said...

Great looking out! Oh yes, house work and little people will most definitely give a good work out!

lavenderdiva said...

I'm thinking those pants are gonna fit fine, and your housework will definitely count as a workout!

I'm so glad you got the powdered version on your order! Whew!

hugs to you!!