Friday, March 12, 2010



I'm up a little, 124.1, but I attribute that to the exercise. I can't worry about the number. I just need to keep on keeping on with clean eating and exercise. I expect I may even be back to 118 (120 with the girls) by the time they do the after pictures. Regardless, the most important thing is that I concentrate on my health. Balance, balance, balance, I WANT IT.

I need to get going. Kids are out early today, I need to exercise and get dressed and I have a home to show. I'm still not done with my taxes but am close. I am actually using a contact management program my dad wrote that has an income and expenses section that I've never used. Can't imagine why I haven't. It's awesome! I plan on logging all my 2010 income and expenses before I even finish my 2009 taxes. Next year I won't panic, I am determined!!



Jen Payne said...

I am right there with you on achieving the balance! I refuse to live a life dictated by the scale again :) This time I want to get it right. In the past I have never gotten all the things to line up at the same time. I was a work out freak and would eat like crap. Or then eat perfectly and never move my body. And in both of those scenarios the emotions were all over the map!! It seems like the right time for all to come together at the same time. Eating, Exercise, and Emotional balance :)

helderheid said...

YAY JEN! This is our year to achieve it!

Holistic Health Coach-Tri Mom said...

Balance would be wonderful...and like you guys, its slowly but SURELY happening for me too. I definitely feel more balanced eating whole foods...and cooking them myself. And avoiding diet soda (i have reactions to aspartame). And turning off the TV and playing with my kids...but oh, its a lot of work :)

Have a great weekend!

Jen Payne said...

hey I just put up a post that I would like your input on when you get a chance.

lavenderdiva said...

You're getting there- Its all coming together for you! Concentrate on YOU, and the rest will follow.

love to you.