Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 3 of exercising

Hi! I've not exercised yet today, but I am anxious to get to it. I did yoga and worked with an exercise ball yesterday. It was the first time I've ever worked out with an exercise ball. I loved it! I worked out to a couple programs, Namaste' Yoga, and In Shape with Sharon Mann on FitTV. Here I have a Wii Fit with several games and a balance board, I have several workout DVDs, and I'm working out to the tee vee. Heheh. Anyway, it was very core centric which has been the area I feared working out too much. I'm sore, but I don't feel like I over did it which is so wonderful since I clearly pushed myself too hard too early before.

I'm excited to be getting back into shape, not just at a healthy weight but toned and tight. I am pretty squishy with the exception of my tummy, and I had a lot of help with that from a great team. ;) I'm thin enough now that I know I'll be seeing definition soon if I can just make sure to keep up the habit of working out everyday.

Yesterday I passed a new HCG clinic and noticed they had stevia for sale so I popped in. I bought a new scale (I gave my old one to my sister, who was down 16 pounds in 11 days, by the way! WOOT!) and chatted a bit with the woman who just opened it up. She'd lost massive weight with the protocol as well. I checked her website and it looks like it's a chain with offices in Utah and Missouri. I thought how great it would be to open one in Oregon! I couldn't do it in Utah. HCG is everywhere here. But seriously, I sent information to 4 people yesterday alone! I'm the go-to HCG person here. :)

Oh, and finally started tracking my food as of today... weigh in is Thursday. Eeek!

Okay, well, I've babbled on enough. I have a very busy real estate day and at some point I need to attack the taxes. AACK! Off for more coffee and then yoga and cardio! Hope you're great!


HCG Weight Loss said...

it is interesting to see others view of hcg in utah. i agree it is everywhere and unfortunately there are a lot of physicians and non-physicians who are selling homeopathic hcg as the real thing. Its too bad because there is a big difference in their quality.

helderheid said...

Where's your clinic? What's the address?

Lis said...

Well, I know you are the go-to.... you sure have helped me!! Good luck with Thursdays weigh in - I think you are going to be great!

lavenderdiva said...

Wow, that's interesting that hcg clinics are popping up there. I live in Houston, and to my knowledge, I don't know of any. Nor do I know of any Dr.'s who are doing it. If it is here, its certainly not being advertised.

Your sister is doing so well! I know part of it is 'cuz you helped her learn so well! I'm lucky to have you in my corner too!

love you lots!

Enchantress said...

Greetings! I've been lurking for a bit (a fellow 35 year old Aquarian living it up in Utah). Thank you for so much inspiring information. It helps so much. :)

Anonymous said...

There ae HCG clinics around here and my family doctor is all for protocol, but people still act like it's an off the wall scam diet.

I hope the scale is kind to you on Thursday's weigh in. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised!

helderheid said...

Thanks all of you!

Enchantress! Where are you? :D