Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Sunday!

First, I want to say, I'm following you and have tried to comment but there's something wrong with your blog and it won't let me leave a comment. I just wanted to make sure you knew I'm really enjoying reading your blog!

I went through my good slacks for my appointment yesterday. After my last round, all my pants were too big. Yesterday, all but one pair were too loose, though not as loose as before. One pair was slightly loose but fit well so I wore them. I was slightly disappointed they fit as well as they did but who can complain about fitting in a size 6? It was a good indication that I'm not gaining. Worst case scenario is I have to totally re-do my last round. R2 LDW was 123.4. R3 LDW was 117.6, though I did lose more after that round. Still, we're talking about about 6 pounds. Big deal. I planned on another round anyway.

Hopefully I can get my butt into gear and exercise today. I feel SO much better when I'm moving so I plan on it. I'm going to hang with a friend this afternoon and let our kids play. I better get to it, I guess!

Happy Sunday!


lavenderdiva said...

I don't think your gain is as bad as you are imagining it to be. And certainly nothing that can't be whipped back into shape with 1 more round! At the point that your pants are still basically loose on you, its not too bad.

You're on the right track with clean eating, and maybe even just doing that will get you to where you want to be.

thank you for your sweet comments today. they meant a lot to me. love you.

Lily* said...

I also tried to comment on her blog with no success! I enjoy reading your blog also. I agree that your gain isn't terrible, but I know how every pound makes a difference to someone.

Lis said...

Yep, loose is loose my dear! You are going to be great - I know it!! If you end up doing another round, I may join you!! :)