Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The woes continue

I am still up. I am boggled. I am beginning to wonder if I messed something up in my last round by not sticking closer to my LDW, and rather trying to stay at the lowest weight I reached which was 4 pounds under LDW. Perhaps I messed up my stabilization. *sigh* It gives me comfort that I have another round starting the end of April, however in the meantime I am truly trying not to panic. I know that this month I was as low as 123.5 which is 2 pounds over my limit (4 pounds over LDW). That wasn't that long ago.

I am overwhelmed, and I suspect that has a great deal to do with the extra. I truly must center myself and take things one at a time.

I have proven I can manifest... I AM 120... I AM 120... I AM 120! (is it working??)


Jen Payne said...

Hang in there, and don't get so down on yourself! You look great! Just eat right and exercise. If you feel like doing another round then do one, but if you don't then don't. What is your body telling you right now?

Anonymous said...

Hang on, keep eating clean, and exercise when your schedule allows for it.

There must be something in the air that all of us seem to be struggling with weight and full schedules.

We're here to cheer you on and you are doing great!

lavenderdiva said...

Not that I'm a scientist or anything, but here's what I'm wondering: Thinking back to your last round, you had a hard time losing those last few pounds. What I'm thinking is that at the end, when your scale just sat there for many days, you were at your 'normal' weight, having lost all of your abnormal weight. Yes, you were able to get 4lbs below your LDW, but I'm thinking those extra lost lbs may have been 'normal' or 'structural' fat. Here is what Dr. Simeons' has to say about additional weight lost below the LDW:

'An ex-patient should never gain more than two pounds without immediately correcting this, but it is equally undesirable that more than two lbs. be lost after treatment, because a greater loss is always achieved at the expense of normal fat. Any normal fat that is lost is invariably regained as soon as more food is taken, and it
often happens that this rebound overshoots the upper two lbs. limit.'

I suspect this may be the root of your trouble. At this point, I think you may have a few lbs of abnormal fat regained, but when you go on your next round, really listen to your body, and once you have reached 23 days of dosing, start closely monitoring your weight (I know you already do this, so no worries here). When you start plateauing, or it takes a few days and you don't see a loss, this may be your body telling you that you have lost all abnormal fat, and this is your ideal weight. Take this weight as your LDW & don't try to lose any weight past this LDW, even if you've been a lower weight in the past. Your body will tell you where it wants and needs to be, then work at staying within your 2lb boundary of this LDW.

You are getting so good at listening to your body's signals, that I suspect your next round will be a piece of cake (no pun intended!).

love you!

Lis said...

Wow, LD, I think you nailed it! Great things to remember, not just for Helderheid, but all of us!

Helderheid, if you look good, your clothes are still fitting, and you seem to be stablizing higher, you may just be where you need to be? If you do another round, I may be joining you! :)

helderheid said...

ALL of you, thank you. LD, wow... THANKS. This is excellent info and advice. I am SO GLAD you posted this.

Lis, my clothes are tight - I am uncomfy so I know I need another round, unless I can resolve this otherwise, but since I'd planned on doing a cleanse round anyway, this makes sense. April 30th will be day 2 of loading and VLCD on May 1st.

I am SO GLAD I have you guys!!! Jen, see ya tomorrow!