Thursday, March 4, 2010

Still haven't weighed...

Not sure when I will. Maybe when I feel smaller. I've had 2 clean days since coming back from my carb fest road trip. I have 2 more filets from Costco that are due today so I'll do a steak day today, only I woke up hungry so I'm thinking I'll eat the smaller one for brunch and the larger one for linner or dinner, depending on my hunger level. I'm also going to start logging my food again, aaaaand drink lots of water throughout the day, along with oolong and green tea.

It was my intention to take today off. I've not had a chance to rest in almost 2 weeks and I'm so tired, but I got a call this morning that my son's teacher has a funeral to go to this afternoon so I'm watching her two boys this afternoon. *sigh* I'm thinking if I can confine those kids to the basement TV I MIGHT be able to get things somewhat cleaned up here. I'll pick another day for rest. Right now I need to get dressed and run my daughter's lunch to her as she left it behind. One more day without yoga. Honestly, it's just an excuse. I'm still afraid to work out. How silly is THAT??


lavenderdiva said...

You have to be tired after your trip, and all the emotions tied to it. Will all kids be back at school tomorrow? If so, take them to school (if you have to do that) in your PJ's, and come home and get back into bed.

You'll weigh when you feel OK with it. Just continue what you're doing, and eat clean. At some point, you'll notice a difference in how you feel, like when you're laying down, and maybe your tummy feels particularly flat that moment. Or, your size 6's feel pretty loose. Something will tell you when you're mentally ready to get back on the scale, and see the numbers.

Is the fear of working out related to how tight your tummy felt right after your surgery? After that last stitch came out, does your tummy feel better? Do you think you could do some stretching exercises that would be at your own pace, so you could gain a little bit of confidence in your body's abilities again, after your surgery? Perhaps that would help you get back into the yoga?

Hang in there sweetie! love to you.

helderheid said...

Kids are totally out of school tomorrow. In fact, I have to take them to a home showing tomorrow (fortunately there are other kids there and everyone knows each other).

I feel you're right about the weigh in. You have no idea what comfort I have in knowing another round is out there if/when I need it. Hopefully I can feel comfy soon. I wouldn't worry about it if it weren't for my after pictures!

Yes, the fear of working out is totally about the complications with the surgery. I need to get over that. This is my year to find balance and a huge part of that is exercise. I am an extreme person who must find balance.

Thanks for ALWAYS being there for me. *LOVE*

Jen Payne said...

Eat clean, take care of yourself, and the rest will come on its own. It might take a little bit, but hey thats great! I am nervous to get back on the exercise thing too. But I am because I don't want the scale to go up :)

This time however, I can't do that. I need to eat right, and exercise, and let the scale end up where ever it is going to.

Easier said than done..... :)

Lis said...

You are so right about the excercise - I can totally relate to needing that in your life - even though it is much easier said than done.... and this from a former PE teacher!! :) Take your time and ease into it - ou will be just fine. Any ideas onyour next round if you decide to start another? Long or short? TImeframe? If the surgery is what is on your mind, let it be for now and just get to know your body again..... be gentle with yourself and go slow if that is what you need to do....and remember to give me my own advice in a few months!!! :)
Big hugs to you!!

Beaker said...

Relax, relax, relax...

...about weighing yourself, about exercise. Don't let fear get the better of you. Relax your mind, let it go.

Weigh yourself when you know that whatever the number says, it won't affect how you feel, what you think, and what you do. Get some sort of exercise, however gentle, just so you have the good feeling of accomplishment.

After photos--don't let them stress you. You look good now. Remind yourself of that. Sure, you have goals, but you have no deadlines.

helderheid said...

Thank you ALL for the advice!

Miss Mary said...

I like the above comment about feeling thinner while laying flat lol. So true. I agree about starting slow and listening to your body. Maybe just walk as that shouldnt put too much stress on your body and get your heart rate up. Good luck sweetie and hey you have a lifetime of healthy living ahaead of you.