Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Still high but moving in the right direction. Down .8 from yesterday.

Hi-ho, m'dears!

What a day. I was happy with the move in the right direction on the scale for sure. It was a great way to start the day.

I had my first day of training and filled out paperwork at the clinic this morning. One paper was a 3 year non-compete agreement. My gut told me to hold off on signing that and give it some thought. I went ahead and listened to 2 of their videos and was shown the process of working with clients, and then had to leave because of a real estate transaction. After much thought, I decided I wasn't comfortable signing the non-compete agreement as I have no idea what my future holds, so I let the clinic know. The program is incredible and I'll still send them referrals. It's good to know there is a reputable clinic truly following Dr. Simeon's protocol. So many clinics here don't. If it ain't broke...

I managed to get my transaction worked out and I have a closing tomorrow! YAY! It's funny, my real estate business was so slow and suddenly I am really busy. Honestly, I'm not sure if I'd have time for the clinic given how things have picked up. I am SO HAPPY that Jen is there! Perhaps I was supposed to be a conduit! Jen is going to be one hell of a counselor. She already is.

I'm exhausted. I think making these decisions took more out of me than I realized. I'm happy though.

OH, I had a realization this morning after reading what Lavenderdiva wrote in my comments from my last post. After my 1st round, I stabilized beautifully until about 6 months post round when I suddenly became carb sensitive again. I wasn't too concerned as I had another round ready to go. Well, it's the 6 month mark from my last round. The consistent factor is that after both those rounds I tried to stabilize lower than the 2 pounds under LDW. I feel so grateful that there is a reset button I can push and do another round, which I'll begin end of April and this time I will stick between the 2 pounds up or down LDW. Hopefully that will solve the problem! If it doesn't, I suppose it just means I have to do a round every 6 months. ;) Could be worse, I suppose! I'd planned on doing one a year as a cleanse anyway.

I've babbled on long enough! Have a wonderful rest of your day! XOXOX


lavenderdiva said...

Hey, Sweetie Pie! You've had quite a day alright!

I agree with you about your decision regarding the clinic. I would hesitate about the 3-year clause as well- that's a mighty long time. Your life of late, has been pretty fluid, and it would be difficult to commit to something for that long a time, given your present circumstance. Your real estate career has been going so well lately, and you've got your new dem. chair position too! Not to mention your family-

I'm so glad to see your 0.8lb loss this morning, that's a very nice way to start the day! I think that's very interesting about the carb sensitivity. I wonder what causes that? I don't know if going over your LDW has any relation to the sensitivity, but I'll be curious to see if, by maintaining your LDW, you eliminate the carb sensitivity.

I hope you get some rest this evening- Sounds like you need it after all the happenings of today!

love you

Lis said...

What a great day for yo! So happy that you are moving down! Was that from the steak day or did you just eat clean?

Congrats on your closing!! Hope your area is picking back up - not sure how it was, but here in AZ, of course, real estate is a hard business to be in right now.

Interesting about the carb sensitivity - I will have to keep an eye on that... And LD has a good point - wonder if maintaining would help that.

Hugs to you!!

helderheid said...

LD, thanks so much. You hit the nail on the head. I have always had fluid expectations of my life. To tie my life for 3 years to them seemed inconceivable. They're good people though. So glad this worked out for Jen.

Lis, the loss was clean eating only! Did a steak day today. I really hope it's effective! I pushed the water so we'll see. I did have wine tonight though. WHAT. A. DAY. :)

Christy in Seattle said...

3 years??? Wow. That's pretty ballsy of them to ask, unless they are paying you top, top dollar.