Thursday, March 18, 2010

Driving in the wrong gear

Hi my dears.

Thanks for all the love, encouragement, kind words and support. You have no idea how much it means to me and how much it helps.  I rely on you all.

It occurs to me that I've been doing this so long and depending on that number on the scale, as well as trying to control that number with diet alone for as long, that I've not realized it was time to switch gears. The time for releasing weight is over (though I would love to drop 5-10 pounds). I'm still locked in that mode. The time for health and balance is NOW. Time for quality natural foods, daily exercise, and meditation. I'm at a healthy weight so now is the time for all the other aspects that have been neglected to be given the proper positive attention it needs.

Having the after pictures done and being told how wonderful it all looks was just what I needed. I felt free. It was wonderful. I even had some treats I'd avoided forever - licorice and a treat from See's candy that I'd been saving. Later, I went to a campaign kick off / St. Patrick's Day party. I ate chips at 9 pm! Of course, wine as well. Up .2. Just .2. I consider that a total victory.

That said (and don't you laugh!), I'm doing a steak day today. I TOLD YOU NOT TO LAUGH! I wasn't going to but I had coffee this morning and then needed to run downtown to deliver my tax stuff to the CPA. By the time I was done with that and back home, it was 1 pm. Still no food, just my coffee. I had to go grocery shopping and they had a sale on meat... including steaks, so I thought what the hell. The last 2 steak days were days I wasn't weighing myself. I thought I may as well do a steak day today and see if they are still working for me or not. Then it's over. No more trying to control the number on the scale with food combining alone. Time to eat healthy, balanced foods and EXERCISE. I want to be as focused on my health and exercise as I had been on releasing weight. Switching gears.

I got a call this afternoon from that woman who just opened up the HCG clinic I was telling you about. She was checking to see if I knew anyone who had been through the protocol who was looking for a job as a counselor. Wow! I told her I had almost asked if she was hiring when I had first popped in! I told her I am a Realtor, but that keeps my hours very flexible. I'm meeting her on Saturday!!

Thank you guys again! I'll be reporting on my work out progress soon! :) Tomorrow I will do my yoga and start a 30 day challenge on my Wii Fit Active!

Ta ta!


Jen Payne said...

Yeah!!! That is awesome! This is exactly what you need. To just focus on the balance that you so desire! Take a breath and enjoy the view from your new found body and take it to the next level :)

P.S. I am so desperately bored, and am looking for a job too. If there are any other openings or if you have a contact number for the HCG clinic, will you let me know. I spend most of my time answering questions about it anyway! Might as well make some money :)

Christy in Seattle said...

hehe ... you remind of St. Augustine who prayed, "Give me chastity and constancy, but do not give them yet."

Personally, I think you should call an immediate moratorium on steak days. You are not getting all the nutrients you need from steak, and you have very little fat to draw any nutrients from at this point.

Please breathe and focus on all you've done. Food is necessary, and it is your FRIEND. Unless you make your peace with eating and with food, how can you ever move on? How do you find that trust in yourself and that inner peace regarding food? I wish I knew. If you figure it out, let me know!

stepping off soapbox now.

helderheid said...

Jen, Thanks! I am watching you go through that transformation yourself and it's absolutely inspiring!!

I would LOVE IT if we could work together! I think there is more than one position - I'll get you the contact info (or get that to her). :D

Christy, GOD, I know. Isn't it annoying?? Like I said yesterday, forgive me for sounding like a broken record. It's a damned hard habit to break and I'm cheerleading myself into this. As far as the steak day, this one was out of curiosity more than anything to see if they still work (and damn, did it taste good!). We'll see what tomorrow brings besides exercise, veggie soup, and meditation. :)

Jen Payne said...

OOOhh! Thanks so much! Let me know, so I can reach her (or her me) before she asks anyone else :) Wouldn't that be a blast to work together!! I am crossing my fingers for your steak day :)

Christy in Seattle said...

No, you're not being annoying in the slightest. I just want you to be able to enjoy your victories :)

helderheid said...

Oh Christy, you're kind. I'm annoying me! LOL!

lavenderdiva said...

OK, I laughed! I couldn't help it! It wasn't at you, its that we all react similarly when a scale is looming near!

I'm so glad that you are switching gears and moving toward a more comprehensive approach to maintaining your weight. Its good advice for all of us. HCG works wonders, no doubt. But when we've been on it awhile, it becomes 2nd nature to approach even slight gains with special days, or eliminating a food group. There really needs to be a shift in thinking towards the rest of our lives, and what is really manageable and attractive for the rest of our lives. You have just made a colossal mind-shift, and your body will thank you!

When you start working as a counselor in this new clinic, I would say that the newbies will be oh-so lucky! I know that from personal experience! You have held my hand throughout my rounds, and are so knowledgeable about what to do, and what not to do. Congratulations! It sounds like a perfect fit!

helderheid said...


I have been waiting to hear from you. :) I'm glad you laughed ;)

Your positive vibe on this job makes me thrilled. I cannot tell you how much I want this!! I literally almost asked if they were hiring. This is my passion! I want to help as many people as I can get on the protocol! I'm doing what I can now, but to have a career doing so, how cool is THAT? I also believe the rest of the book is in that experience. Thank you!! *HUG*

Anonymous said...

Wow! It seems our lives are following similar paths.

I have a walking group forming. We were going to call it stroller strides but Oops!, it's the name of a real business.

A friend of a friend has asked me to help coach her through a round on protocol.

I'm very excited about all the doors opening up in my life.

It is hard to get your head out of protocol routine. I still find it clashing with my new way of thinking nutrition and exercise.

I'm hope all your opportunities are successful.

Holistic Health Coach-Tri Mom said...

I love your plan, so in line with what I am going through now. And so happy that you only gained .2...that gives me hope. I wish I lived near you in order to join your walking about we do a virtual one?