Monday, December 14, 2009

116 - no steak day after all but a loss nonetheless. Tomorrow is surgery day!

I went to get the steak but it smelled of rotten milk so I threw it away. I was so disappointed! So, I ended up having "hapjes" (appetizers) with my in-laws when they arrived last evening. Little "purses" with spinach and cheese, and Greek appetizers with phylo filled with the same. That and wine from my sister's winery.

Lavenderdiva, you weren't kidding about the compliments. they couldn't stop gushing about how incredible I looked and that I was back to the women they first met. These people have always had my back and been there for me. I adore them and am so fortunate to have them in my life.

Tomorrow is the day. My husband will drive me and my sister-in-law to the surgical center tomorrow morning, and then he'll come back to the house and get the kids to school. I should be ready to come home around noon.

I am extremely nervous if I let my mind go there. I'm trying to keep as busy with things I won't be able to do such as wrap presents, etc. and that is helping. I do need to get a few books for my daughter as I didn't realize I'd gotten some for her brother but not her.

I think I'll take a xanax tonight before bed to help me sleep.

Think good thoughts for me please!

Love to you!


Caitlin said...

Oh my goodness! I am so excited for you! Take care and I will definitely be thinking of you. :) Thanks for the nice comment on my blog btw- it meant a lot! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the big day is tomorrow. You'll be in my thoughts. I'm wishing you a speedy recovery.

Stephanie said...

Best of luck and looking forward to hearing the update!
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helderheid said...

Thank you all SO much! I took a xanax at 3 to help with the nerves. I've been downright goofy and seriously tired. I can take another at 11 - I'm going to. That will sill be in my system by the time I get to the surgical center, so the drive should be less scary.

Love you guys!

lavenderdiva said...

I'm so glad your in-laws gushed over your new appearance! You absolutely deserve it!

dear, dear friend: I hope your Xanax has kicked in, and that your 2nd one isn't far off! You are going to do so well tomorrow! You are surrounded by people who love you so dearly, and will take such good care of you. Your Doctor and nurses are very skilled, and sound very caring.

Remember that God has his hand on you. I'm praying for you tonight, that you will have a peaceful and restful sleep. I'll be praying for you tomorrow morning, and for your Doctor. You are going to have a sense of calm tomorrow morning when you wake and will know that you are going to come through this amazingly well.

much, much love to you. I'm sending you LOTS of big, wonderful hugs.... ***hug***

helderheid said...

Thank you so much my dear friend!

I am so very tired, but I'm going to drink some more water while I still can and then in an hour take one more xanax. I will have no problem sleeping. I just fell asleep on my husband's chest while watching TV. I'm feeling so much better.

Love you ALL, and I'll update as soon as I'm up to it.