Friday, December 18, 2009

Quick update - not weighing in for another couple weeks!

I was confusing in my last post when I said I weighed in at 118 on surgery day. Most thought I meant post-op. No, no, no, this was pre-op. It was quite a shock to put on 2 pounds overnight. It wasn't the calories as I logged every bite and had calories to spare. I suspect it was lack of BM, stress, and salt. I had really hoped to go into surgery closer to my happy weight of 115 but no such luck.

I don't plan to weigh in until all the compression stockings, corsettes, and bandages come off so I'm thinking it will be a couple weeks. I don't want to scare myself as I am retaining a LOT of water, and I've not had a movement now in 5 days. Not happy about that. I've had 2 cups of smooth move tea today so far. I can feel things moving but not out just yet.

I'm alone right now. The kids are in school and my husband and in-laws went to Costco (always an adventure for them). I told him I'd take it easy and call if I needed him. I'm feeling so much better that they are afraid I'll push it. I get that so I really am trying.

Please take a moment to send a positive thought to Lavenderdiva. She and her family needs it right now.

Love you all!


nikkispower said...

Yes, I'm most definitely sending her my most highest and uplifting energies.
I'll start the interruption on the 20th of this month.

lavenderdiva said...

thank you for your kind and thoughtful wishes for us. They mean so much to me-

I hope you are feeling a bit better? Let's hope things start 'moving' for you real soon. There is nothing more uncomfortable. And to have that added to how you are feeling after the surgery! did you try the magnesium malate or the silicea? I didn't get a result from the silicea until the next day...

much love to you...