Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's late and I'm on drugs, but I thought I'd check in.

Hey all,

Well, I survived!! I can't tell you what a relief it is that it's over. Surgery lasted about 3 hours. I've been religious about taking my pain pills at minimal intervals and maximum quantities. I may start to taper off tomorrow.

I weighed in yesterday at 118. 118?!? Stress? Salt? It wasn't calories. Now I am puffed up like a puffer fish and strapped in 3 corsets and 2 of those sucky in socks. COMPRESSION socks. Damned drugs. :) Anyway, THAT said, I won't weigh in until I'm out of all of that. I know my calorie limits and I know what's healthy to eat. This will be a major test for me not to weigh in, go by what I know is healthy, and let the chips (ha!) fall where they may.

I had my first follow up today. They completely unbandaged me and I got a good look in the mirror. I have had experience with post-op surgery of this sort with my mother's reconstructive surgery, so I pretty much knew what to expect, and have "Realtor eye" so I also see potential. Even with all the bruising and me being swollen from head to toe, I could see he did a magnificant job. My belly is completely FLAT. My breasts are gorgeous, and will only improve when they drop and the swelling goes down. I have to admit though it was my tummy I couldn't get over. I am so glad I decided to go ahead with it as well.

Now I'm dealing with moving very slowly and a great deal of pain, but having so much support around me makes it so doable. A forced break is pretty fantastic too, I must say. The drains are terribly icky too. I'll have them another week or so. I am so looking forward to having a shower when I can!

Well, it's awfully late. I've been having blogger withdrawels! Here I am in bed with my laptop on my very flat lap. :)

Love to you all and thank you SO MUCH for the positive thoughts - I know it helped with my surgery and recovery!


lavenderdiva said...

Sweetie, I am thrilled to bits to hear that your surgery went SOOO well! And to hear that you are delighted with the results is music to my ears! A flat tummmy and beautiful boobs: WooHOOOOOOOO!! Glad to hear you have good pain meds and that you are taking them, and also taking it easy. You need to.

You are right to not weigh in until you are out of all bandages, the swelling goes down, and you are a bit more mobile. All of that is probably contributing to your little-itty bit of elevation. Just drinking water, resting, getting past all the stress you've been under, will all help that number to come down. It certainly isn't due to overeating! I'll just bet that a lot of it is water retention. Your first job is to heal and take care of yourself. The weight will take care of itself in short order.

I'm ecstatic for you, and so happy you did this for yourself. You're gonna be so happy with your new shape- One hot sexy mama!! love you....

helderheid said...

Thanks soooo much for the encouragement and shared excitement!

The 118 was PRE-operation. I didn't dare weigh in post! :) In the meantime, the meds have me constipated (what is it that Caitlin recommends??) so I'm eating Julian bread for the fiber, as well as ACV which has helped in that I can at least feel some movement happening. :) Sorry if that's TMI!

HUGS (but not too tight!) :)

nikkispower said...

Hey! Congraulations missy! i truly am so happy for you! I mean it's all about having the outside equate with the inside, right? If I could afford it I'd probably do the same thing. Although I'm noticing that my tummy flabs are shrinking!

I think Dr. S says that you have to give a pound or two in weight to breast that are larger than usual. That's another reason to account for weight gain. So what bra size are you now?

Sometimes I pat my tummy to make sure I'm not dreaming! That awful pouch is gone!!! I'm now wearing a 36D cup bra..ain't it great!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!

helderheid said...

Thanks Niki! However the 118 was before my operation. I suspect I am MUCH higher now, though mostly from the IV.


I'll be a c cup after it's all said and done. :)

lavenderdiva said...

the stuff that Caitlin recommended was 'silicea - 30C or 30X dosage'. I got mine at Vitamin Shoppe. It was under $10 for a little vial. They are teeny-weeny little white, round ball like things. She says that she takes 5 or so approx. 3X's/day, when she needs some 'help'. You just put them under your tongue, and let them slowly dissolve.

Another idea that is recommended on the yahoo site is Magnesium Malate. Take approx. 3/day increasing your dose by 1 per day until your stool is 'loose', and then back off 1. Its supposed to help you 'go'.

You are right: the pain medication (especially hydrocodone, if you are on that) will make you constipated. I don't know if you are prone to depression, but if you are on them long enough, it can tend to bring on depression. You need the pain meds right now, but as soon as you are able to, try and wean yourself off of them.

Keep drinking your water....