Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hello my lovies! Today is D day... DRAINS DAY!

This is a day I've so looked forward to and dreaded all at once.

I emailed the clinic yesterday asking if they could prescribe a pain pill for me for before my appointment so that the drain removal would be less traumatic but she assured me I didn't have anything to worry about. So, I took matters into my own hands. About an hour ago I took 2 extra strength tylenols and 1 xanax. I am feeling goooooood right now. I still dread having them yank out the tubes, but I am SO looking forward to having them gone. They've been the worst part of the surgery. I look forward to being able to wear normal underwear and not have to worry about looping the tubing through holes in the front.

I will report back when it's over. My appointment is in a half hour. Think quick tube non-traumatic removal thoughts for me!!


lavenderdiva said...

I'm thinking LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of good drain-removal thoughts for you! Quick and painless, that's the ticket! I totally understand your anxiety about removing the drains. I was SO anxious about having the stitches removed when I had my nose done that the Dr. actually had to put me under anesthesia again, just to remove them! I was totally undone by just thinking about that-

However, I'm sure, since everything has gone wonderfully well for you since you first started researching this whole thing, having the drains removed will be A-OK as well! Taking the tylenol and xanax was brilliant!

hugs to you, my friend.

helderheid said...

Thank you! It hurt like a mother.... I screamed! I feel SO much better now though! Freedom!!