Saturday, December 26, 2009

A new day

Good morning, my lovies.

First, thanks for all the encouragement in the comments from my last post. Having you guys here going through this with me is SO helpful.

Today is a steak day. Again, I'm not weighing myself but I have a steak and it expires today, so there you have it. I may as well do it, especially after all the crap I've been eating. I am not a sugar person but I've had caramel corn and chocolate the last week. I have no idea if and how that's affected my weight. I do know I don't feel well after eating sugar, so the steak day is a welcomed one. I also found some Jay Robb chocolate flavored egg white protein shakes in my storage that I pulled out. I think I'll do a shake day after the steak day, and then I may do an apple/cheese day just to clean me out after the holidays, and then go back to more of a Mediterranean style diet of balanced protein, veggies and fruit.

So my tummy feels less distended this morning. Whether it is or not I can't tell for sure. I meet my doctor in an hour and a half to have him drain it again. Although I know it doesn't hurt and it's not a big deal, I am still dreading it.

My feet are so swollen! I look pregnant both with my belly and my feet and ankles. When I get back from my appointment, I'll lay down with my feet elevated and hopefully that will help with the swelling.

My husband leaves Monday for Portland and returns Thursday. I'm glad I have the kids here to help me if I need it, but having to juggle getting someone to watch them while I go to the doctor is no fun. Fortunately, I have very good friends who have offered to help. I feel very blessed!

I'm off to shower and get ready to go. Boy do I miss baths! Another week and a half and I can soak in the tub again!!

Thanks again, guys :)


lavenderdiva said...

You sound much better. You seem to be a lot more mobile too! Your idea of a steak day/shake day/apple&cheese day will probably help with the extra water your body is holding onto too.

Is your husband's trip to Portland job-related? I am hoping that could be very good news for you!

You are surrounded by people who love you and care about you. You are blessed indeed!

Christy in Seattle said...

That swelling does NOT sound pleasant. Hope you're soon on the mend with the smoking hot body you've always wanted!

chipmunck said...

I'm sorry I haven't been reading your blog. I'm trying to catch up today, and I seem to miss alot. I wish I could have wished you much luck!

I'm sorry that various things haven't gone as planned! And I wish things will taper off and life will get a little bit more boring for you in the surgery stuff! :)

Your looking great though! :) I think after that cleansing you will feel back to normal with your body! :)

Much luck on that! :)

helderheid said...

lavenderdiva, I am better, though still bloated as all get out. I did try on my size 4s Wednesday and barely managed to button them - at this point, I'm sure I couldn't even do that, but I'm giving myself a break. I'm swollen and this extra bizarreness is only adding to it. GAH! Yes, the Portland trip is to meet with the company's CIO. Think good thoughts!!!!

Christy, it SUCKS. Nothing I can do but take it easy and follow Dr.'s orders. Thanks so much for the well wishes! There's a smoking hot body somewhere in here!!

chipmunck, Thanks! I take belated well wishes! LOL! :D I really hope the cleanses move some of this feeling along. I have NO idea what my weight is! Frightening!! :D

Lis said...

I wanted to say Thank You. I have been following your posts for the last six months during my first 2 rounds of hcg, and you have been an inspiration as I watched your progress. I have started my own blog to help me with my own journey due in large part to yours. I wish you well in your recovery! ~Lis

helderheid said...

Lis, THANK YOU! Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself. It means so much to me that what I have to say actually has an impact on someone! Thanks for the well wishes and now I'm off to add your blog to my blog roll and check out where you are on YOUR journey! :)

helderheid said...

Lis, I tried to comment on your blog but it said only team members could and I can't for the life of me figure out how to become one! Here is my comment:

Your comment on my blog truly touched me. Thank you so much! I am excited to be able to join you on your journey! Who knows, I may need another round after this surgery since I've been unable to track... So what are your stats? How tall are you? Have you started VLCD yet?

Lis said...

Hmmm.... not sure about the settings, so will have to review those! I am 5'2", currently 137.6 (UGH!) and will take my measurements on my first load day, January 1! I lost 23" total in my first round and 20 pounds! First VLCD is January 3, 2010! Now to mess with Blogger.... ~Lis

helderheid said...

Glad you caught me here! Hope you can figure out the blogger comments - it's so great to get feedback here!!