Friday, December 4, 2009

5th day of P4 - 115.1 (114.5 on suck up)

Hello, my lovies!

I was feeling so much better yesterday that I got very busy with all I've not had the energy for while I've been sick. I showed homes, did laundry, worked on my property management (I picked up a new rental! Yeah!), and delivered just moved cards to my past clients. I'm afraid I pushed myself a little too hard as I felt less fantastic this morning. I'm okay now, but I am going to move a bit more slowly today.

I've written myself a check to deposit in my main account that will cover the surgery. It will be paid for in cash. I have enough left over from my commissions to cover my taxes (if I have to pay any - I think I'll be getting money back but I'd rather be safe than sorry!).

So, I got down to 115.9 yesterday after my steak day. I was so busy yesterday and the easiest things to grab happened to be low carb, so I was basically eating P3 style and dropped another .8. I am going to try my Julian bread which arrived this week! I am thinking of having it toasted with a tablespoon of coconut oil, cinnamon, and stevia as a treat. Net 1 carb and 13 grams of fiber! We shall see! It's been awhile since I had any grains.

Thanks again for all the hand holding lately. I'm a highly sprung individual and come from a long line of over reactors (Father of the Bride!). You are beyond appreciated and your comments feel like virtual hugs!

This is for you!


lavenderdiva said...

aren't you so glad that we bailed out Chase, and so many other large financial institutions? I'm SO glad they're still up and running, and able to 'help' so many people now. NOT. I'm sorry they did that to you. No wonder you're stressed. However, thankfully you have the ability to pay with cash, which is always a good thing. You'll feel so in-control when you've got a handle on the cards and those balances. You've come up with a good, well-thought-out plan, and it will work.

Your steak day worked beautifully, I see! How is your stomach handling P4 eating? Any reactions like the transition into P3? Just wondering what I can expect in about a week.

helderheid said...

Oh yes, bless their generous hearts. #$*&*@ Chase!! Ah well. I'll teach them. I'll pay off all their cards and cut them up into itsy bitsy pieces and throw them away. I'll keep 2 cards - Discover and American Express. That's it! I hate that my bank is now Chase as well. Grrr.

My tummy is better now that I'm in P4. Took a long time to transition. UGH! Congrats on your loss!!