Thursday, December 31, 2009

What a New Year's Eve!

I love my friend. Not only did she make sure the kids were entertained, she took me to the office and isn't grossed out so she sat there with me while they worked on me. It was mostly painless, with the exception of a sting here and there. The drain is smaller than the last and they assure me it is SO much less traumatic getting it out than the others. While he was at it, he checked a stitch on one of my nipples that had apparently gotten infected. It should had been gone so he removed that as well. It was such a relief to have it done, as well as the fact that they didn't hurt me. My friend booked a consultation with them right afterwards. :)

So, my friend is off to gather supplies to make a collage. I did mine at Thanksgiving but New Year's Eve is most appropriate for doing a yearly collage (and when I normally do it but with my mom and sister away, we do it when we can be together). Turns out she's looking West too - to Astoria, Oregon!

My husband had a WONDERFUL evening with my sister, her son and her wasband last night eating fondu and drinking beer at their house. I am so glad he had that experience!

He's on his way home now. I can't wait to see him!

I had dreaded today but it's turning into a really great New Year's Eve. I'm feeling grateful and calm, and glad (even though I think he's a great guy) that I don't have to see my doctor EVERY day! :D

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my friends here! *HUGS*


Lis said...

Glad it was a successful visit! Happy New Year!

lavenderdiva said...

What a nice friend to have! I'm glad she was there for you- And now she has an appt with your Dr.!! Way to go- Do you get any discounts on future procedures with referrals? Ha.

Glad your honey is on his way home to you, and that he had a nice time with your family in Portland.

I'm glad your procedure went so smoothly and you had ample drugs to blur the discomfort!

Happy New Years to you and yours, my friend! Cheers!!