Sunday, December 20, 2009

No prescriptions on the weekend??

Ugh. I am down to 3 pain pills (2.5 now) so I had to cut them in half and send my husband out to get tylenol. I've been working on taking them farther apart and fewer in between, but I still need them. Good lord, people told me the breast surgery would be painful but I had NO IDEA. I went an entire night without medication night before last, but awoke at quarter till 7 so uncomfortable I knew I just needed to get out of bed. Still with the intention of not taking anymore, I went to get my thyroid medication but soon discovered it was excruciating to try to open the pill bottle. I failed. I took it and my pain medication bottle to my husband and took one of each. I am now still stretching the time, but now the dose even more.

I had planned on taking 2 full pain meds before they pulled my drains out (uuuuuugh), which will be either Monday or Wednesday, but that won't work now unless they give me more tomorrow. I'd prefer to be done with it altogether if I can. I'm thinking perhaps I'll take extra strength tylenol and a xanax before they take out my drains. I am both dreading it (I remember how painful/uncomfortable it was when I had my hysterectomy) and looking forward to it like you can't imagine. I am so sick of these things and every time they get tugged on, I feel the most horrific sting. It's awful. I am so ready to take a shower without wearing a necklace that I can hang the drains on. UGH.

I didn't go past 5 days without a movement (sorry if this is TMI). It felt like I gave birth 3 times that day, I swear! I had NO idea how uncomfortable I was until it was over. Won't let that happen again. Uuuugh!!

I am beginning to look human again. I've been taking various pictures along the way. It's an interesting transformation and the bruises, being symmetrical, are actually kind of pretty in a sci-fi kind of way.

I'm tired of being confined but oh so grateful for the help. My mother-in-law is vacuuming as I type. The laundry has never been so taken care of!

I wish now that I had weighed immediately after surgery since I know what I weighed before. That way I could account for all the extra and know what I was truly dealing with, but I didn't do that. Perhaps psychologically this is a good thing since I've been in "control" for YEARS (logging my weight and food since 2006) and perhaps breaking that isn't a bad thing. I have to think that way to keep my sanity. I asked my husband to get me a steak for Tuesday night as my in-laws will be gone then and I have no idea if I need one or not even close, but I think it will make me feel better to do one. :)

Love you all! Off to catch up.


lavenderdiva said...

You sound GREAT! I don't think I was doing as well as you are, when I had my surgery! Just having a real, proper shower will give you a whole new outlook. I'm glad to hear that you're weaning yourself off of the pain meds gradually. It'll definitely help with the constipation issue. I do wish the Drs would tell patients about the side-effects of the pain meds. No one told me, and after a good, long time of not being able to do anything, I finally had a BM, and you're right: it was like childbirth! except worse. And I've never had a child--- I can only imagine.

You just don't realize how the muscles you use daily (and take for granted) all work together. When you have this surgery, you don't think about not being able to open a bottle, get out of and back into bed by yourself, wash your hair (you can't really lift your arms like you're used to, and certainly not wash your hair). It will feel good to do those things again for yourself. But in the mean time, I'm so happy to hear that your family is there for you, helping you through.

I think you will be so pleased with the way you will look. Your Dr. sounds so gifted, and you will enjoy your new, uplifted and perky boobies, and taut tummy! Just in time for bathing suit season too! Oh boy!!

I responded to your post on my blog-- ck your pm on du for my e-mail. I don't have yours....

nikkispower said...

This reminds me of a time in my life when I was just as weak. It took me about 10 minutes to walk to the bathroom so I really feel you with the pain. It'll be over soon and then you'll be enjoying your great new body!