Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 6 P4 - 114.9 (114.5 on Suck Up) - hooray for Julian Bread!

I have to admit, I was a little worried given how sensitive I used to be to grains to try the Julian bread. I will also admit that I expected the bread to taste like cardboard. I toasted it and slathered it with butter. The bread was a little dry, but with melted butter? I thought I'd died and gone to carb heaven. It was yummy! As you can see, it had no adverse affect on my weight either! I am so happy to see my weight settling in here. Pretty soon I'll stop logging all my food as well, and simply allowing my morning weight to dictate what I eat that day. Today, I had another slice and put it under the broiler with a slice of pepper jack cheese. MMMMM! Yummy!

I had an incredibly productive day today. I dropped off a box of chocolates to one of my tenants and picked up their rent and deposited it. I then went down town to a book signing for a friend who is an actor who plays a very popular local character, Sister Dottie S. Dixon. The character he plays is of a Mormon mother of a gay son. He does a radio show, as well as a play and just released his book illustrated by Pat Bagley, "The Mormon Kama Sutra"

I got myself a copy (he gave it to me and even planted a big kiss on it!), as well as 4 more as Christmas presents for various lovies who are all ex-Mormons, thus able to get those references.

Oh, he was on The Colbert Report last month - he was one of the guys (the other is his partner) dressed as the Village People in this clip:

I came home to find an email from someone I know from the local wine club who is ready to start looking at homes! What a great surprise! So, I'm having coffee with them tomorrow to talk about that, and then I have a listing appointment with a mutual friend of "Sister D's" tomorrow as well. What FUN!

I hope you're all having a terrific weekend!


Caitlin said...

Sounds like your business is just doing great during these winter months! That is so wonderful! Way to go on the stabilizing, too- what a great feeling! :)

helderheid said...

Caitlin, who knew?? It's like I've hit that tipping point and things are just beginning to gel. Thank goodness, too. I'm VERY happy about it. Best part is that it's with people I really enjoy spending time with, and I'm generally not a people person per se.

How is it going for you in your neck of the woods?

Miss Mary said...

Isnt that bread awesome. It is good toasted with peanut butter. Doesnt make a great sandwich nut yummy for breakfast. Cant wait to have it again.

helderheid said...

I bought 4 loaves. 3 are in the freezer. I think I'll have a slice a day!

lavenderdiva said...

Hey you! You are doing GREAT everywhere you turn! Is that God/universe rewarding you or WHAT? I love it! I'm so glad you are getting the referrals/recommendations/listings/ etc. that you deserve! That says so much about your credibility, especially at this time in the market.

Your weight is coming along swimmingly. Seems like you've settled in nicely in the teens, and you're going to stay there, come Julian bread or not! Does it taste cardboard-y? Are we ever allowed to go back to normal bread once P4 is over? I may have to get on-line and order me some, 'cuz I have P4 coming up in 5 short days. I've been missing bread in any form. Can we have tortillas in P4? What's the scoop?

lavenderdiva said...

I forgot to mention that I think the idea of a Mormon Kama Sutra book is genius!

helderheid said...

Hey Lavenderdiva! I'll cut and paste this comment on your page as well in case you miss this here. Technically, you can eat whatever you want in P4, so long as the gain isn't over 2 pounds of the last dose weight, and then you correct with a steak day. I'm just easing into P4 a little slowly, though I'm down half a pound today. I successfully ate ruebens, drank beer, and had chocolate in P4 before... just not a LOT of it. I ate like a normal person. I had pasta without incident.

The bread is a little dry and doesn't have a whole lot of flavor (it's nutty but not strong), but with butter or cheese? DIVINE!!