Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another real quick update

Thank goodness for good friends. I had a friend (her son actually had a couple operations done by Dr. Warnock, my doctor) who drove me to the office today and watched my kids while I went in. It's snowing so this gave me a great relief as I HATE to drive on icy roads and was worried I might have to jerk around if I hit ice. Not good for the recovery.

My doctor was in surgery so I met with the PA (who is a doll). Today, if I managed less than 15 cc I could simply go on my marry way and not receive the anti-biotic. No such luck, however. 35 cc. SO, she shot the antibiotic in. Apparently a side effect is that it irritates the lining of the pocket that keeps filling with fluid and because of that, a side effect is that the lining (hopefully) will stick to the other lining, eliminating the space for the fluid to build up. She's very hopeful this will take care of it. I feel it "burning" right now. She wanted me back tomorrow, however there is another storm (a bigger one) coming and I have no help. My husband flies out tonight to meet with the big boss in Portland and won't be back until Thursday. SO, I go in Thursday instead. HOPEFULLY this last thing will have taken care of it all and I'll have good news to report. Most appropriate as it will be a full eclipse (blue moon!) and a time for resolution.

Thanks again for the positive vibes! You guys are the best! I'm off to catch up with you. :)


lavenderdiva said...

Ouch! I am glad to hear that you got some antibiotics, but sorry to learn that it stung- I hope the antibiotics do the trick, and eliminate this whole side-effect.

Thank goodness you have good friends who are there for you in a pinch! I'm still sending your dh good job vibes for Portland! I hope he comes home with very good news for the both of you!

hugs to you....

Nick and Meg said...

Dr. Warnock? Are you in utah? I met with him--if he's in utah, where I live and just loved him! I'll have him do my surgery once I have lost enough weight and stabilized there enough to know it will be worth it.

it's been nice to follow your blog and see what I (might) have to look forward to. :) Thanks for sharing. I hope that this antibiotic helps!

Take care!
Megan in Utah

Lis said...

Icy roads... yuck! Thats why I am in the desert! Its 56 today and I am freezing!! :) Good luck to your husband, and healing to you! ~Lis

helderheid said...

Lavenderdiva, thank you! I am SO hopeful this will do the trick, though my tummy is super swollen right now and I have to admit, I am a bit worried. I wish there wasn't a storm coming tomorrow as I'd like to go back to the doctor then and make sure everything is okay. I don't think I'm prepared for what they have to do if it isn't. Thinking shrinking connected pocket no more fluid build up thoughts!

Nick and Meg, YES, same doctor! I'm in Sandy!

Lis, I HATE driving in the Winter here in Utah. BAH!! Rain I can deal with but this white stuff makes my blood pressure go up!