Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How appropriate...

My horoscope, specifically about tomorrow (and by the way, I texted my doctor and they will numb me before doing the drains and I can take an anxiety pill if I have a ride):

The month's end brings dramatic, possibly jarring news at the full moon lunar eclipse, December 31. This full moon will bring either a health or work-related matter of yours to culmination. A full moon will crystallize an ongoing situation by clarifying certain information so that you can decide what to do. Often eclipses bring news from the outside in, bringing events over which you have no control that will change the way you view a situation. The universe does this to keep us moving, so be philosophical about whatever you hear.

If a health problem should come up, you are fortunate in that Pluto is currently touring your twelfth house, giving you access to distinguished medical advice. Your powers of regeneration will be very high, so stay optimistic. If you don't feel your doctor or therapist understands your condition, keep searching - the right one can be found.

At work, a trusted subordinate may suddenly announce a departure. While you may be sad to see her go, it's all part of the ever-moving wheel of life. You will find a replacement in the New Year, and your new recruit will have different, but very valuable talents to offer - some that will truly delight you.

I'm an Aquarius, by the way.

Love to you and thanks for the support!


Caitlin said...

WOW! How right on! It is pretty comforting too, though. :) You will get through this just fine.

Lis said...

That is great! Blue moon working her magic!

lavenderdiva said...

Wow, I have goosebumps! That horoscope reading is SO spot-on with what you are dealing with right now. I think the work-related thing is your husband's job. And I believe he will have news for you tomorrow about Portland.

'Your powers of regeneration are very high'!! could that be any more accurate? and you 'have access to distinguished medical advice'. I'm taken aback by how precisely this fits your day tomorrow.

I'm so pleased to hear that your Dr. will administer an anesthetic for you for the procedure. Please take a xanax this evening, and tomorrow too.

much love to you-- You will do fine tomorrow, and this will speed your recovery along. (I got news this evening from my Dr.- I posted on my blog about it)

Christy in Seattle said...

Best wishes thru this minor setback of having the drains reinserted! Hopefully, this will soon be behind you!