Thursday, December 10, 2009

P4, Day 11, 116.1 (115.7 on el suckety-upo)

Two words: Costco pizza.

So, I'm rethinking the whole LDW/LLW thing, as 115 is where I seem to be most consistently. I went ahead and added my LDW of 117.6 with my LLW of 113.9 and divided by 2 and get 115.75. I'm thinking I'll grab that as my "norm" and go from there. No steak day today. Oh, and I failed to mention that I fell into chocolate last night. I am progressively nervous about the surgery and was going for the wine too often so I thought if I had something sweet, I'd stop drinking. It worked. I doubt the gain was from that but from the sodium in the pizza.

I have nothing of any great importance to say. I'm trying to stay busy (which isn't hard to do with in-laws and Christmas coming and needing to prepare for that) so I can keep my mind off of the surgery. I have massive cleaning to do, especially in my daughter's room which literally looks like it was hit by an earthquake, as well as scrubbing the bathrooms to within an inch of their lives. I need to make sure all the finances are in shape. I need to wrap presents as I won't feel like doing that after surgery. Lots and lots and lots to do, thank GOD.

I bought several outfits from Costco yesterday that had zip fronts since I won't be able to pull tops over my head for awhile. I totally spaced that until they mentioned it at yesterdays appointment.

Here I am in my surgery day outfit:

It's nothing I would have ever picked out for myself but I LOVE it.

Okay guys, thanks for listening. I am so lucky to have you.

Edited to add...

Here is the ad for the place I'm going. The tree in the background is my doctor.


Christy in Seattle said...

So, what's involved with the recovery?

helderheid said...

I was told that with the breasts, I could expect to be back to work within a week, and that with the tummy needing no muscle repair, to add an additional week there to get back to work. The timing is perfect having my inlaws here from the 13-23, and the kids off school from the 24-4. I'll have drains for my tummy the first week. I have 4 prescriptions to take - a blood thinner, an antibiotic, a pain medication, and an anti-nausea drug. They went ahead and ordered me xanax for the nerves for the night before. I've been warned that the boob job will be painful as all get out but also told that I won't regret one moment of pain or the price. I'm so glad I'll have help.

You really look fabulous! congrats, shrinking you!

lavenderdiva said...

Look how cute you look! That was a great idea to get some front-open tops from Costco. You won't be able to lift your arms up over your head for several weeks. I had trouble right after the surgery, laying down in bed, and then sitting up in bed from a laying-down position. You'll be surprised how much you use your chest and tummy muscles to do that. Be sure you have a baby intercom or a bell or something by the bed, in case you need help getting to the bathroom. That way, somebody can hear you and help you get up.

How do you sleep? do you sleep on your back or your side? I'm a side sleeper, and leaning to the side wasn't comfortable for me at all, so I kind of surrounded myself with pillows behind my back and on my side, so that I had support, and sort of leaned into the side to sleep. It helped a lot.

I was also told that I could return to work after a week, but that was really optimistic. It was at least 2 before I could really move the way I did before the surgery. You'll won't feel like being on all '8' as it were, so I would suggest that you just roll with it, and not rush yourself to get back to work.

Damn the Costco pizza! And damn the chocolate you fell into last night, while we're at it! I think your new average LDW/LLW weight is the right approach for you. You've been so consistently around 115, that it just makes sense.

Your home looks so beautiful all dressed up for Christmas!!

love to you. *hugs*

helderheid said...

What a compliment coming from you, Lavenderdiva! You have MAD decorating skills. I'm so jealous! Actually, the kids did most of the work. :)

I sleep on my side too. What a GREAT idea about a baby monitor. Wish I still had mine! i suppose I can always use my cell phone! :)

Thanks for letting me know about the TRUE time frame. I suspected as much. My kids go back to school approximately 3 weeks post-op so I think I timed this perfectly.

Thanks for always being here for me!

lavenderdiva said...

of course. love you.