Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3rd day P4 - 117.3 (116.8 on suck up). Steak day.

First, I need to thank you guys for the encouraging comments. I really, really appreciate it.

I'm up! :( I know technically I don't need a steak day if I go by my LDW rather than my LLW. Hmm. I think it's the sodium in all the chicken soup I've been eating. I am not big on salt normally.

Ok, I oscillate between being excited and being absolutely terrified. Right now, I'm terrified. It's actually why I'm writing, in hopes it will calm me down to talk about it. Hormonally Challenged Gal, I had to chuckle a little when you said I didn't strike you as someone who would make rash decisions. :) I'm just the opposite! I was ready to marry my husband the moment we met in person after a short online romance. I was raised in the circus! The only logic on this whole surgery is that his folks will be here to help take care of me while I recover. I am absolutely panicked about our finances as well as my physical safety - not sure which one has me more frightened. BUT, I've already paid 10% down and that is non-refundable. This is going to happen. I'm really trying to turn my nerves into excitement. It's scary.

I think I'm recovering from the cold. I was icky this morning but my head feels pretty clear now, which is great as I need to get to work. I've been sending out my Holiday postcards from my business. I need to make the appointment to meet with a potential new client while the iron is hot, and I have some homes to show my buyer as back up in case his offer fails for any reason. Things to do, and this needs to all happen before my in-laws are here on the 13th. Surgery is the 15th! Oh gads, and then I need to wrap presents (and buy some for the in-laws) all before I go in. There is so much to do. Here I am blogging. Sheesh.

Hormonally Challenged Gal, thanks for the compliment on my collage! I do one every year and it fascinates me how they turn out. We all get together with a huge pile of magazines and begin to just grab anything that grabs us, without thinking about it. We analyze after everything has been glued onto the poster board. Anyway, I took a digital image of it and uploaded the image to and in the blog html, chose that image as the background image so I could have it here. I also have it as my screen image on my computer. Hope that helps!

Okay, I leave you with a quote I saw today that I really loved.

A man who wants something will find a way; a man who doesn't will find an excuse.- Stephen Dolley Jr


lavenderdiva said...

may I share a quote with you? For me, as someone who constantly has to fight her urge to fear everything:

'And the day came, when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom' Anais Nin

These words have meant so much to me; I have started to live by them. Staying tight in a bud is certainly the safe way to go. But with it comes a lot of angst and pain; you continue to dream while tight in a bud, but none of those dreams are ever going to be realized. By letting go of that fear, we actually can let new experiences and people into our world, that can bring us so much happiness and many blessings.

I'm glad to hear your cold is subsiding and your head feels clearer. I'll just bet that your little blip on the scale is due to the salt in your chicken soup; you were right to think about that. It was still a little blip, and I'm sure your steak day today will erase that quickly!

One thing I sense from reading your post is that you are looking long range at a lot of different situations and getting overwhelmed. Yesterday, Caitlin posted a link to a neat, short video from a gal doing Weight Watchers. In it, she describes trying to peddle her bicycle up a very steep hill. As she looks up the hill, she gets discouraged by how steep the incline is, and how far away the top seems. She feels she can't possibly make it. However, at some point, she notices that if she just looks down at the pavement, and keeps peddling, it doesn't seem so insurmountable. Eventually, she gets to the top of the hill, and surprises even herself!

You are peddling several bicycles up a few hills! Stop looking at the top and how far it seems. Start looking at the pavement, only thinking about today or this hour, and how you are going to make this the best day you can for yourself. Be short-sighted and only look at the pavement! You will get there, and be far less stressed than you currently are! You will be pleasantly surprised when you reach the top of the hill, and then see it behind you. It will all be worth it, I assure you!


nikkispower said...

I can only say ditto to the wonderful and inspiring words from lavenderdiva.

You'll be All right!