Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Steak day success! 115.4 (115.1 on suck up). Pre-op appointment!!

Helloooooo! I had my pre-op appointment today. Talk about nerve wracking! I know these jitters are normal but I'm telling you, I'm flipping out! I know this sounds nutty, but remember when I told you that I see 11:11 (I didn't realize until today I had my first appointment with the surgeon on 11/11)at least once a day and how I used to see Harley Davidson's and then Fed Ex, and now it's the Audi brand? Well, I've come to find comfort in seeing that brand (as well as the 11:11 - I consider that a hug from the Universe to me). I may be driving along and start to think about what I am about to go through, panic, look over and there is an Audi. It always makes me smile and I instantly feel better. I know, I know, it sounds crazy. I saw 12 Audi's today. This is not a popular brand in my state.

They took my "before" pictures. I signed a ginormous pile of papers stating anything and everything could go wrong and I acknowledge that. I'll never forget this one: "Death is the ultimate complication from surgery." Um, really? EEFRIGGINGADS!

My Doctor is a tree. He could easily be 7 feet tall. I don't know why, but I find this comforting. He's very easy to talk to and so understanding. I told him how scared I was and he said he'd worry if I weren't. Hmmm, maybe that isn't a comfort after all!

He's been so open minded. He'd never heard of a thermagram but was 100% behind me doing that instead of a mammogram if that was what my physician recommended.  I shared with him this article and he's looking into that as a possibility as well, so long as there's science to back it. In the mean time, I've upped my vitamin C intake.

Here's my thermagram:

See why self exams made me nutty??? My results for both were TH-2F (click for full size):

I'm off to go catch up with you guys. Christy in Seattle has a fascinating post that I got half way through before the line to pick up the kids moved and I was interrupted. Hope the rest of you updated as well!



lavenderdiva said...

Get out of town! -2.2lbs on your steak day! Amazing and wonderful!

I'm so glad your appointment with your Dr. went so well. You are very lucky to be in such good hands. Have you decided which incision he's going to do? Will you go under the muscle? I had my incision around the lower half of my areola and under the muscle. It healed to where you can't really even tell there was once an incision. I had my surgery in 1989. Now that I write that, it dawns on me that this year I've had them for 20 years! Gosh, how time flies!

Did you go through your pre-op stuff today? Do you have to start taking any special medications/vitamins prior to surgery? Other than vitamin C? Did he tell you to go buy some very comfortable front-opening (as opposed to back opening) bras? If not, I would strongly suggest that you go buy a couple. I got the stretchy cup kind, as I wasn't quite sure how they would be fitting. You will want to wear them 24/7 after surgery, even while you are sleeping. They will help give you the support you will need after surgery.

Is your husband going to be at the hospital with you while you are having the surgery? Will he be taking a few vacation days to help you recoup afterwards? I wish I lived closer to you, as I'd be happy to help you through!

love you.... hugs.

helderheid said...

Thanks Lavnderdiva!

He's doing an augmentation with lift, and repairing my nipples so it will be a "lollipop" - I fear I'll have a scar up the front up to the nipples but that's what it takes to accomplish what I want.

20 years since you had surgery? And the implants are still good? WOW! That's good news!

I'm taking extra vitamin C. They will provide a bra that will support me for the first 3 weeks, and supplied me with a sheet with bras they recommend after that and I can shop for them myself. SO excited about the new look!

My inlaws arrive the 13th and my surgery is the 15th. My husband has that time off, and I will have help from my inlaws as well. They leave the 23rd, and my kids are off school from the 24th to the 2nd of Jan. By the time they're back in school, I should be able to do much more.

While I'm down, I'll have my laptop, TV, and DVD player. :D

Love you!