Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 13 P4 115.5 (115.1 on SU)

A girlfriend of mine stopped by last night. We had the rest of the Costco pizza and some yummy wine from the winery where my sister works. I had a steak thawed for today, fully expecting to need it. Nope! We do have a party tonight to go to so we'll see if I need it tomorrow. Hopefully not. I don't mind steak days, but I love the idea of just being stable. I even had a cookie last night.

I showed a home today with a barn. I'm 5' tall and not used to needing to duck. On my way back from the barn, we had to go through a gate with an iron bar across the top and I was walking full speed and wasn't paying attention. THUMP. Hit me square on the head! I felt completely discombobulated! If you watch CSI, you'll remember those scenes where something hits someone and then it zooms into the person to show the damage. I had those visions. As you all have figured out by now, I tend to panic easily.  I hadn't eaten before I went to show the home and had only a couple cups of coffee and I'm hoping that's why I'm feeling a bit dizzy now (though I did come home and fix myself eggs and turkey sausage for lunch). Boy do I feel dumb!

Tomorrow night my in-laws arrive. This weekend I will devote to getting everything prepared for them. I am so excited to be seeing them again. I adore them! Last time I saw them I had just finished up my first round and was 138 pounds. Last time they saw a picture of me with my current bod, they asked my husband if it really was me! I now weigh what I did when I lived in Holland. They have their daughter-in-law back.

Speaking of my husband... he flies to Portland the end of the month for a face to face meeting with his company's CIO.... :)

I love you guys! Have a great weekend!


lavenderdiva said...

Ouch! I'll just bet that nasty bump hurt like heck- I hope you don't get a lump on your forehead; its sounds bad! Maybe you've got a hard noggin'? For your sake, I hope you do!

OMGosh! I am thrilled to bits for you, to read that your dh is on his way to Portland to speak face-to-face with the CIO! Beyond awesome! He's coming around!

It is really remarkable, and may I saw inspiring, to see how WELL you are stabilizing? It's just terrific to see what you are able to eat, and pretty much stay in your 115-zone. I can only hope I do as well!! Your in-laws are gonna get a pretty sweet surprise seeing the 'new' you!


Christy in Seattle said...

Fingers crossed for a happy result in Portland ... and for your upcoming surgery!

helderheid said...