Sunday, December 27, 2009

Feeling well enough to be hating life.

I don't mean to whine, I really don't. My life is so incredibly good right now, and I am bursting with gratitude, however, I am feeling so much better today and yet still am so limited and still have this tummy fluid issue that I am depressed.

I figure I must be improving since the doctor didn't insist on seeing me today. I noticed the swelling was so much better this morning, however as the day goes on, it comes back. Tomorrow I go back to be re-drained. I have a 2 week follow-up that was scheduled for Wednesday but that was before I had this whole fluid build up thing going on, so I'm hoping beyond hope that after tomorrow, he says I won't need anymore "draining sessions" and have him check me for my 2 week follow up tomorrow rather than having to come back on Wednesday. Please join me in these thoughts. Let's manifest that, y'all! :)

I asked him yesterday how long I needed to wear a girdle and he said he recommends 6 weeks and then said, "How long has it been, 3?" and was shocked when I told him it had only been 1.5 weeks. I truly believe I am recovering at warp speed here.

The funny thing about all of this is that it was my tummy that bothered me more than anything. Having that "apron" depressed me. My shrunken breasts bothered me a little, but really not that much. My mom was the one who convinced me to do both and that I'd feel so much better after getting new breasts. She was right. Even after just a week and a half and having a whole lot longer to totally heal from the surgery, I can already tell you my breasts are gorgeous. Works of art. Perfectly symmetrical and the perfect size. I am wearing a t-shirt today and let me say, I make it look GOOD. I'm so glad I got that done.

Thanks for hearing me out with this whiny post. I am really so very lucky to have you in my corner.


lavenderdiva said...

Hello, friend! I'm sorry that you are feeling down in the dumps! Ya know that is a side effect of the pain medication, if that helps you feel any better. Of course, it hasn't helped that you have had this blip in your rapid healing, with your tummy issue. However, I am sending you mega-mega healing energy, and am hoping that you will hear the words you want to hear tomorrow: 'Don't come back Wednesday, you're doing great'!

You are healing at lightning-warp speed, if you don't know it already! I take it as a good sign that your Dr. thought you were healing at the 3 week point, rather than the 1.5 week point you are really at! That is just terrific!!

You are going to have a beautiful tummy AND gorgeous ta-ta's! Give it a little time, and a little patience. Your body has been through quite a bit lately, and needs some TLC, getting back to normal. You are going to notice changes many months out from the surgery. It just takes more time than you think for the swelling to dissipate. I say this as a veteran of several plastic surgeries!

BTW, just so you know, I feel very blessed to have you in my corner, and in my life! Sending you many hugs, and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of good tummy-healing energy!!!! love you!

Lis said...

As a plastic surgery survivor, i can tell you that is Great that you are healing so fast!! Wow! Just think how good you are going to look this summer in shorts and a tank or a bikini! Sending good healing karma your way!

Christy in Seattle said...

It's okay ... we all need to whine a little every now and then.

I'll send healing thoughts to you, dear internet blip ;)

Jen Payne said...

Hi there,
I have been following your blog for awhile now. I have completed 2 rounds and am just maintaining now because I too am opting for some new breasts and a possible tummy tuck. I am so interested to see what your weight has done once all the swelling goes down. Who was your doctor? I have an appt with Dr. Bindrup but I have to wait until Feb. 5th just to consult with him. Can't wait. I will do one more round when the surgery is done and over for the last 10 lbs.


helderheid said...

Thanks for all the healing vibes!!

Jen, Dr. Bindrup is in the same office as my doctor, Dr. Warnock! Perhaps you could meet him too, while you're at it. I adore my doc. I had 3 other consults scheduled but after meeting Dr. Warnock I cancelled with the others as I was SO comfortable with him!

Congrats on the tremendous success! I've added your blog to the list that I follow!