Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 8 on P4 - 115.4 Yea, baby!

I knew I'd gain. Question was, how much and would I need a steak day? Answer, .9 and NO! I'm thrilled.

I've been super busy. You're not going to believe this but I picked up ANOTHER buyer! One of my tenants. To have this much activity this time of year is crazy. I am beyond thrilled. Of course nothing can really happen until after the holidays. I'm having my surgery a week from tomorrow! EEEEEEK! So, I delivered a box of chocolates to them for the holidays (from See's - they always hand out free samples and I've always saved them for my husband... not today! All mine).

I called the thermagram people again as I have yet to get my results. They should be in my mail anytime, but she assured me she'd fax the results if need be so I can have that ready for my pre-op appointment. I am hoping that had there been anything suspicious they'd be calling me rather than mailing the results.

UPDATE! I just heard from the thermagram people. They just got the report and will fax it to me tomorrow as well as send a hard copy. There is apparently a scale of 1-5, 1 being absolutely shiny clean and 5 being there is an issue we need to look into further. She said my report came in clean and I was a 2 (of course I am wondering why not a 1!). This gives us a great baseline for years to come to be able to scan for cancer and implants have zero effect on the scans, unlike with mammograms. I'm clean! Woohoo!

I have so much cleaning and organizing I need to do before my in-laws are here on Sunday. I wish the rest of my family felt the sense of urgency that I do - I could use the help!

I'll keep this short and sweet (like me - tee hee). Hope you're doing well! Y'all have been so quiet today on your blogs! C'mon, people! :)

Me and Sister Dottie D.!


lavenderdiva said...

Who can explain it? Your metabolism was so slow to recognize any hcg losses while you were on P2, then at the LAST possible minute you drop significantly. NOW, its holding onto your new LLW like mad! Its crazy and wonderful-

You got such good news on your thermagram! I wouldn't quibble with a '2'! Good news that you can move forward with the surgery next week. All systems GO!

AND, AND, AND another new client? Who says that God/the universe isn't rewarding you for being at the right place in your life EVERYWHERE you turn? I don't see any hands going up- and in this market too! Its remarkable and fantastic! who was that girl last week worrying about paying for the surgery? Not you, I'm sure! You're gonna be rollin' in moolah!

helderheid said...

It's crazy!! I ain't complainin' none! :D I posted about why the 2 in my last post. It all makes sense now! *HUG*