Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 9 - fell into the very salty beef jerky last night - 117.6!

Technically, I am AT my LDW so I don't NEED to do a steak day, however I seem to be stabilizing right around 115 which I am very comfortable with, and since I thawed a steak for after my "free" day, I may as well. It's going to be extremely busy for me today as is so I'll take advantage of that.

I received a faxed copy of my thermagram. Now I understand why a 2 and not a 1. I have lumpy breasts. I always have, hence why I got the thermagram in the first place so the doctor would feel comfortable operating. The report basically says I have lumpy breasts consistent with being estrogen dominant and that they are nothing to worry about. I now have a baseline to compare it to. This is a great comfort to me since doing self exams has been very hard. For me, I have to make sure the lumps are symmetrical. It's very nerve wracking to say the least!

I tried to pay the remainder of the balance over the phone with my debit card but it gave them an error. Bless Chase bank! GAH. So, now I need to go to the bank and get a cashier's check for the remainder, but it turns out that gives me an extra discount so it's all good! I'm going to go put on my face and take care of that next, along with some errands. Wish me luck. The roads are icy!

Hope you're doing GREAT!


lavenderdiva said...

Bless 'em: Chase. What they meant for bad turned out to be for your good! That's terrific that you now get a discount for paying with cash! You got the last laugh on that one!

Good news on your thermagram report. Sounds like everything is lining up just right for your transformation next week!

How did your steak day go? I've gotten to where I LOVE steak days! I'm never hungry and dh cooks the steak to perfection! Not to mention the inevitable reward the next morning, on the scale!

helderheid said...

2.2 down! Worked like a charm!! Thanks so much for checking in with me. :) Today I go in for the pre-op appointment. EEEEEEK! :D