Sunday, December 13, 2009

2 weeks into P4 - 116.7 (116.1 on kiss ass)

It amazes me at how well I've stabilized. I've technically not had to do a steak day through all P3 and P4 after my last round if you go by my true last dose weight of 117.6. In fact, I don't think I've even surpassed that weight at all. I still like the idea of going with my average between that weight and 113.9 landing me at 115.75.

I am shocked I didn't gain more. Last night we went to a holiday party with co-workers of my husband who have turned into camping buddies in the Summer, and one couple is actually a property management client of mine now. I didn't hold back. I ate chips and dip and bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeño peppers, drank way too much wine and did a jell-o shot. This went on until midnight. To get on the scale at 4 in the morning to see only slightly more than a pound? Shut UP!!

I AM doing a steak day, only because otherwise the steak won't be eaten and I'm not one to waste a steak! I'm drinking lots of water.

So, here's a little miracle.

Utah is considered one of the breast augmentation capitals of the USA. I think it's right behind LA, though it may actually have surpassed them. That said, there are a LOT of plastic surgeons here. A LOT. Last night I was chatting with one of our friends who had been turned onto HCG after my success. She and her daughter did it over the Summer together. Her daughter was obese and has been thrilled to finally have something that works. That aside, my friend had also had the surgery so she was sharing with me her experience, giving me tips, etc. WELL. It turns out her husband's daughter works as a nurse for a plastic surgeon, and has worked with 7 different doctors. My friend texted her and asked who she worked for now. Yes, my doctor. She texted back that not only did she work with him, but he was the one who did all of her work as well! Not only THAT, but she is assisting him on my surgery. I've met her once before at one of our camp outs. I am so comforted that she'll be there! My friend told her how nervous I was and made sure she knew I needed extra hand holding. Is that the universe supporting and loving me or what?! Of ALL the surgeons in Utah...

My in-laws will be here tonight. I've got their rooms all done, fresh flowers in each, new towels, and everything spic and span.. Now I need to work on the bathrooms and my desk.

Love to you!


lavenderdiva said...

Shut-up, is right! You are a stabilizing miracle! I STILL can't get over how hard-won those teen-pounds were, and now your system is clinging like crazy to that weight! Its amazing- Are you still eating like P3, with minor aberrations like last night? Or what? I'm so impressed!

What an amazing story about your surgery! I tell you what, God has his hand on you with this surgery. SO many things have gone your way with it- And now your nurse is a family friend, who will take extra good care of you! Out of ALL the Dr.s in Utah-- you get the one with a nurse you know! Incredible. You can't make this stuff up!

I'm so glad your in-laws are coming tomorrow, it will get your mind busy, and off of Tuesday. Plus, it will be so nice for them to see the new you! You're gonna be overcome with a slew of compliments! get ready!

love you. hugs.

helderheid said...

They all patted my butt and said it was gone. :) Lots of hugs. They couldn't get over how I was back to my fighting weight!

Thank you for ALWAYS being there for me. I so look forward to seeing what you have to say, and am always so comforted by you!


Caitlin said...

Will be thinking of you! You will do great and what an awesome feeling to be so stable in weight going into this!!! :)