Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 11 VLCD 125.2 (- .4, total release 8.1 pounds)

Day 4 of 125.something. I know I don't need to do an apple day, but I've never done one and now seems as good a time as any to try one! I have 6 pink lady apples (my FAVORITE) and will have a breakfast of apple sauce (diced apple, a little water, vanilla stevia and cinnamon microwaved for about a minute - Yum!). I've been wanting to make some but have been too lazy.

So guys, I'm getting excited. I'm going to talk with my friend today about her life coaching experiences. I never heard back from that company yesterday after asking them Monday about the non-compete and what it was they were offering (as I said, I'd sign it if the reasoning was compelling enough). I feel this may be the universe guiding me to start my own coaching services. Besides with my real estate schedule, this may work out just perfectly. SO, I secured a web address ( - not live yet), I designed my business cards, and am working on the website (not the permanent address but you can see what I've done so far here.

THANK YOU Lisa and Lis for offering to write testimonials!! That is so key, and I really appreciate it! I have 4-5 others to ask for theirs as well.

Can you tell I'm excited???


Lis said...

Love it! Nice graphics, easy to read, good info.... you are on to something girl!! How exciting!!!

An apple day - keep us posted! The hardest part for me was not drinking any water. Good luck!!

Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

You have an idea and put it into action with lightening speed. Congrats and lots of success with your new adventure!

helderheid said...

Thanks both of you!

Looks like I won't be doing an apple day after all. I'd already had coffee before I read the instructions. I didn't realize I could only have plain water, and I didn't realize that the apple day starts at lunch and ends at lunch the following day! I thought it was 6 apples in 1 day, not spread out between lunch one day and lunch the next! Here it is from P&I:

"An apple-day begins at lunch and continues until just before lunch of the following day. The patients are given six large apples and are told to eat one whenever they feel the desire though six apples is the maximum allowed. During an apple-day no other food or liquids except plain water are allowed and of water they may only drink just enough to quench an uncomfortable thirst if eating an apple still
leaves them thirsty. Most patients feel no need for water and are quite happy with their six apples. Needless to say, an apple-day may never be given on the day on which there is no injection. The apple-day produces a gratifying loss
of weight on the following day, chiefly due to the elimination of water. This water is not regained when the patients resume their normal 500-calorie diet at lunch, and on the following days they continue to lose weight satisfactorily."

Jen Payne said...

Exciting stuff! You will be a great coach!

helderheid said...

Thanks Jen! I want to brainstorm with you on sending business your way for the HHCG and other supplies. :)

nikkispower said...

You go gurl! You're so inspirational the way you take the bull by the horn! Living life! Congratulations because I know you'll be successful! OH and congrats on the weight loss too!

lavenderdiva said...

This is SO purrfect for you! I love your new website design- You are one talented gal, to be able to put all this together, just like that! I'm very excited for you about your new venture, and think you're going to be very successful at it too!

do the apple day tomorrow-

much love to you-

helderheid said...

Thank you!!!Have you done an apple day before? If so, did you start at lunch and end at lunch the next day? If so, how did you proceed after the lunch from the following day? up to 500 calories past the apples you ate?

Lis said...

When I have done apple days in the past I did them all on one day - breakfast to dinner. And I drank my coffee. Guess i did them wrong, but it still worked.

lavenderdiva said...

sorry sweetie, I've never done an apple day. But I'm with Lis- I'd do them all in one day, breakfast to dinner, rather than lunch to lunch over 2 days. And I'd be drinking coffee or tea with my breakfast apple, if that was what I wanted. Just no dairy. Try it and I'll bet you get a good result- how could you not?

love you-