Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 29 VLCD 120.3 (+.6, total release 13 pounds)

Slight gain - sure it was salt. I really fell into the Bragg's Amino Acids on all my food!

I'm really exhausted. I think it's due to the HCG leaving my system. Wednesday can't come soon enough!!

Well, P3 actually, as I need all the time I can get before my road trip Thursday. I've arranged for an agent to take over for me in case I get sign calls on my listings. My new listing was shown for the first time today and the agent called to let me know they're already writing an offer!! I'd like that to come in before I leave as well! Tomorrow at 11 I have a waxing, and then at 1 I have a photo shoot (FINALLY getting a professional head shot since losing the weight! Last one I had I was at around 150!). Kids are out at 3, and I still need to deliver a for sale sign and lock box to the new listing, and at 5:30 I'm meeting with other buyers and working on getting them qualified for a home they picked out Saturday. That's just tomorrow! I still need to pack, get all my property management stuff done, shop and get my bills paid. GADS!

Hope you're all well!


Lis said...

If it was the Bragg's drink your water! I'm one to talk, 'eh? :) Sounds like you are BUSY! You are going to enjoy this vacation, arent you!
Love and hugs!

helderheid said...

I'm working on it! :) Thanks for checking in with me! You'll get a handle on your blip in no time!!