Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 4 VLCD 127.4 ( - 1.9 total down 5.9)

6 pounds in 3 days?? WOW. Just WOW. I've got another .8 to go to be rid of the load weight. I can't believe how much I gained during those load days but am equally astonished to see how quickly I'm releasing it. 9.4 pounds away from my goal weight and 26-40 more days to go.

Thank you ALL for your kind words and support! It's been kind of a strange couple of days. On the one hand, so far this is the easiest round I've had. Hunger? What hunger? Consistent large losses one after the other (I know it's week one but I've never in all my rounds experienced this as others have), and I feel confident and good. On the other hand, I'm going back and forth with feeling of doom about my health and doing my best to remain calm. I sure hope to know more this afternoon.

The wrap was awesome. The only thing they didn't do that I expected them to was wrap my arms. I've done this before, so I somewhat knew what to expect. I was given a mediation to listen to that guided me through empowerment, as well as glasses that flashed lights to take you to an altered state to help with the guided meditation. That alone was worth it!! Forget losing weight so much, but I could feel my body detoxing, my mind relaxing, and my spirits lifting. I may sign up to go in monthly for those benefits alone.

Ack, I gotta take the kids to school! I better leave. THEN I NEED TO DOSE. I haven't yet (here's my reminder to me - ha!)!

Love you guys. Thanks for being in my corner!


The scan came back CLEAR. No blood clots! I'm in no immediate danger so I'll keep on with the protocol and keep investigating!


Jen Payne said...

Such awesome results!! Are you doing Rx or Homeopathic? Shots or drops? You and LD are both doing awesome. My mom is going to start and she takes thyroid meds. I know you said you did too. Do you keep taking them while on HCG or do you stop? I will have to try the wrap thing, it sounds heavenly :)

helderheid said...

Rx, drops, and staying on my thyroid meds. :) I am seriously going to sign up for more wraps! It was wonderful. Just remember to pee before you get wrapped! LOL!

lavenderdiva said...

WooHOOOOOO!!! I am so doing the happy dance for you! Your load weight is almost all gone, and you'll be diving into new territory- How are you mixing this round?

SO very glad to read your scan came back clear. That is wonderful news. Would the scan show if a node is blocked?

Your wrap session sounds heavenly! I can see why you'd want to make that a regular thing!!!

love you!

helderheid said...

Thanks LD! Load weight gone, but I'm not sure if I consider anything below that actually new territory given it's a make up from R3, but I'LL TAKE IT!

I'm mixing the same way I always have - distilled water and vodka. I am loving this round so far!!!

The scan only shows if there is a blood clot, which could potentially reach my lungs and kill me, so I'm obviously thrilled there was nothing to find and no need to operate. I'm not sure how they diagnose a blocked node. I know testing for gout is fairly simple. I'll get that all taken care of after this round if the swelling returns. The wrap may have cleaned me out, who knows?? :)

Love you!

mommygonemilf said...

So happy your scan came back clear. Sounds like it is good timing for a wrap if it is a blocked lymph node. Is gout and bursitis the same thing? I saw something about that if only one foot is swollen. I'm sure you will figure it out. Did you say you got Corion this time and you like it? I am going to try it too. I just got my round 2 shipment today.

helderheid said...

I'd never heard of that, but it looks like it can be caused by chronic gout. Let's hope it doesn't come to that!

I am using Corion this round and very happy, though it slowed a bit today> :)

nikkispower said...

Great losing!!! What an inspiration!