Saturday, May 1, 2010


I've had around 3000 calories and 200 grams of fat. Good. Lord.

Thanks to ALL of you for the encouragement! HCG works. It does. I've been extremely successful with it. Still, there is part of me that is afraid it won't work. Silly, I know. Very silly. I also know I have more soul searching to do and this should be very exciting.

I didn't have a hamburger or pizza, but I did get my tortilla and cheese as well as my fondu, and a taste of halva. The milk shakes really did my appetite in, but it also accomplished the goal of massive fat in one shot.

I forgot to measure before loading. I'll measure tomorrow. Should be fascinating to see if there is a massive difference after the body wrap. I'm very excited to try this in conjunction with the VLCD! I am hoping it will help me release not only the load weight, but to stimulate my metabolism enough to propel me forward (behind?) a bit more quickly.

OH, we're pregnant. I tested the HCG with a home pregnancy test and I've never seen it show positive so quickly! SUPERCHARGED!

Hugs and love to you guys. You truly lift me up.

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lavenderdiva said...

Wow! I never thought to do a pregnancy test to check for how good the hcg is- That's a great idea! I'm kinda sorry I bought so much of the Ovidac now, as its not highly-purified, and I've got like 20 vials of it! I thought I was being clever and buying everything I would need for the next few rounds, all in one go- But, that was before I learned about the highly-purified stuff.

It sounds like you're doing great on your loading, and getting in some things you really like. I can just feel it: you're gonna have a WONDERFUL round!!

Can't wait to hear how your wrap session goes-

You are always there to lift me up too! love you!