Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 8 VLCD 125.5 ( -1.5, Total release 7.8)


1.5 overnight. .9 past my load weight, FINALLY! I needed this. If the rest of the round goes like this, I'll be beyond thrilled. I have 7.5 more pounds to release to get to my goal and a minimum of 14 more days to go (to do a very short round of the minimum 23 doses), 21 more days to go to use up the remaining pre-mixed hcg (if I stop in 14 days, I still will have a week of premixed hcg left). Doable? If I continue to drop, absolutely doable. This means May 22 (if I choose to waste 1 week of premixed HCG) or the 29th if I use that last week's worth. This still leaves me with a box not yet mixed with another 2 week supply. I'm hoping I can save that for my next round end of December (hopefully nothing more than a reshaping/detox round). Of course I'll need to buy more. I'm considering 2000 iu and not freezing half my mix, but I'll need my husband's mad math skillz to figure that out if I do. I know it should be simple, but my brain freezes at the mere thought. :)

Yesterday my husband could sense my angst and suggested we take a drive, bless him. I so appreciate him. I had some grocery shopping I had to do, so we drove to Park City to do that. It may seem silly to drive a half an hour away to do your shopping, but it was exactly what the doctor ordered. Park City is like a Brigadoon for me. The change in scenery was perfect. We went to the liquor store to pick up more vodka for mixing and bought an interesting brand that was highly rated (I have no idea how one rates vodka - they ALL taste the same to me). While there, we picked up a malbec that was on sale for $3 a bottle, as well as a really nice Scotch (which I later found out was what my husband was drinking with his boss in Portland on his last visit). We then went to the grocery store and picked up apples, cucumbers, and asparagus. I am totally out of my frozen strawberries and almost out of my lemons, so we'll hit Costco today for those. I LOVE my sorbet. Can't live without it!

I spent some time yesterday morning looking at homes for sale in Oregon and found my dream home, 8 miles from his office there. I know, I know. It does give me pleasure in looking though and there's no harm in that, right?

 Check it out!

Isn't it lovely??

Anyway, I did get to sleep in today for Mother's Day (HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, Y'ALL!!) which was lovely. The sun is out. It's cleaning day and I'm leaving that totally up to my little people to handle for today. :) Maybe another little drive is in order.

Okay, I've truly babbled on long enough. I'm off to see what you all have posted. :)


lavenderdiva said...

Wowza!!! That hcg really IS super-duper stuff. BIG congratulations on your GREAT loss today!!!! I have absolutely NO doubt you are going to make your goal this round. No worries there!

I mix my 2000iu this way: 2ml flavored vodka + 8ml distilled water. I believe that gets me 125iu per dose, and I dose 2X's per day. I mix 2ml of distilled water into the vial of hcg, swirl that around, then extract it into my amber spray bottle. Add 2ml flavored vodka and then 6ml more of distilled vodka.

Such a lovely dream home! I can see why you like it- Glad you & your honey had the drive and enjoyed some time together!

helderheid said...

YEAH for your mad math skillz! I think this is what I'll do next round to assure the very best potency. What flavored vodka do you use?

I have never averaged more than .5 per day in any round, but I'm hoping with this new brand things will be different. If not, I won't make my goal this round (though within 2 pounds). If it continues to kick abnormal fat ass, we're more than good to go this time! Oh please, let it be so!! :)

Thanks for your support!

Love you!

lavenderdiva said...

oops-- I was typing too fast, and meant to say 'then 6ml more of distilled WATER', not more vodka!! You'll be looped and won't care how much weight you lose if you go with that original mix!!! I use Absolut Raspberry-flavored vodka. It comes in a red bottle, but the vodka is not colored red, its clear. It has a lovely raspberry flavor-- makes my mix yummy!!

I find with mixing 8ml liquid with my 2000iu hcg, my mix typically lasts approx. 8 days, with my taking it morning & night. That may help you figure out how many vials you need of 2000iu's next round, if you decide to go that route.

love you too!

helderheid said...

I may have to try the flavored vodka next time. I tried it with a special brand that was ginger flavored, but it was obviously more than infused,as it was sticky so I'm sure it had sugar in it which left me gun shy about flavored vodkas. I'll definitely try that next time and THANK YOU for the recipe for 2000 iu! I think it makes more sense to mix a fresh weekly batch. :)

Lis said...

WooHoo!! Good loss today and horray that you are out of loading land! I will just bet you can do a short round and be where you want to be, no problem!! If mine were as good a round, I might even do the same!

Love the dream house - gorgeous!

Happy Mothers Day - glad you got out!