Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 15 VLCD 124.2 (-.2, total release 9.1 pounds)


Two words: Krav Maga! I went to my Women's Self Defense course offered by Krav Maga Salt Lake City. I'd hoped it would be just techniques, as I knew any major physical exertion would be too  much 14 days into VLCD. I was wrong (though not disappointed totally). It was very physical. After the first hour, anytime I stood up I began to see stars. It was a 4 hour class. I grabbed the wife of the instructor and told her I was on very limited calories and had to leave but I'd sign up again for the next self defense course. I was close to tears that I couldn't complete yesterday's class. It did, however inspire me. I used to be the Tae Bo queen, and loved it. This is a lot more intense than that and it teaches self defense. I checked their website and normally they charge $85 a month for unlimited classes. They are offering a special ending the first week in June for $65 a month for the same. The self defense class alone was $50. I've decided I need to do this. It will be life changing for me and a fantastic work out, as well as teach me the skills I need to kick ass if I need to (as a female Realtor, this is essential). I'm going to do it!!! Of course, I'll wait until AFTER the VLCD! Here's a video about it:

This is the studio where I'll train:

So, all that said, I think the work out accounts for the very small release. My muscles are feeling it today.

I have 2 tattoos. I promised myself I wouldn't cover myself with tattoos, but I saw a design today I really would love.

From Wikipedia: In Zen Buddhist painting, ensō symbolizes a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body/spirit create. The brushed ink of the circle is usually done on silk or rice paper in one movement (but the great Bankei used two strokes sometimes) and there is no possibility of modification: it shows the expressive movement of the spirit at that time. Zen Buddhists "believe that the character of the artist is fully exposed in how she or he draws an ensō. Only a person who is mentally and spiritually complete can draw a true ensō. Some artists will practice drawing an ensō daily, as a kind of spiritual exercise."[1]

It's so pretty. I may have to get it.

Positive vibes your way!


Lis said...

What a fantastic class that must have been! Very cool! And yes, especially with what you do, those would be good skills to have.

LOVE the enso - I have one tattoo, an ankh which is the Egyptian symbol for life. i call it my Zoe tattoo, my daughter's name, since her name means life in greek.

Enjoy the day! HUGS to you!

lavenderdiva said...

Even 1 hour of that defense class may have been too much at this point. I'm so glad to hear you stopped when you did. Be careful. Yes, I totally agree that this class would be especially helpful to you as a realtor. But don't tax yourself right now on VLCD's.

I love the enso- I've never seen it before, and hadn't known anything about it before, but found the symbolism just beautiful! Where do you think you would get it? will the tattoo artist be able to get the brush strokes? You are braver than me about tattoos! I'm so scared of needles!!

love you- sorry about my absence recently. I posted today, and its sort of self-explanatory....

Susan said...

I may have to look into that defense class once I'm allowed to exercise again - it sounds great!

I'm doing an apple day today, hearing that you achieved release is inspiring, as I've been sitting at the same weight for 5 days as well. Can't wait to see what the scale says tomorrow! Good luck with your round!

nikkispower said...

You are the it girl! Self defense classes you go! Tattoos are awesome! Great losing!

Anonymous said...

You have your hands in a sorts of adventures. I like the idea of a defense class.

I got my very first tattoo last Sept. I'm in the mood for another but don't know what....I think you should go for it. It's simple but definitely not plain.

helderheid said...

Thanks all for the tattoo feedback! My mother isn't so sure about me getting ANOTHER tattoo (we each have 2 and she seems to think more could be pushing the envelope!) and my husband isn't so sure of the design, but I love it. I'd either get it on my right bicep (I have the symbol of Jupiter on my left bicep) or between my shoulder blades.

LD - we're ALL here for you! You're going to come out of this on the other side SO strong.

Susan, how did it go??? I'm so glad my experience was helpful. I'd never done one before and am so pleased with the results!

Thanks again all of you! I am excited about the new classes!