Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh boy. VLCD 1, R4. 133.3!

That is 20 pounds higher than my lowest weight. It's 15.9 pounds higher than my LDW. It seems so insurmountable. Gads, I had really hoped this round would get me back into that territory but I can honestly say I have no idea if that is possible or not. I'm really trying to remain calm. I'd said this was going to be my INCHES and pounds round, less focus on the pounds and more the fit but I'm telling you with numbers like these, that's going to be tough for me. I can't believe I gained 6.5 on my load days!! I don't think I've ever done that before.

Okay, I've dosed. It's 10:30 - I slept in this morning. Time for some coffee with vanilla cream stevia and then I need to figure out if I want my fruit now, or my protein. I'm not particularly hungry and after 2 days of loading, absolutely nothing sounds appetizing!

So I'm also not sure how long this round will be. I have enough for 42 days. I hadn't planned on going longer than 28 days, but that was when I thought I would be starting out at a much lower number.

I hate feeling out of control.

Body, we know this works. I want this to be a flawless cheat free round. I'll do my part by following the rules. Please do your part by releasing. Expect lots of tea, water, and praise from me. I love you. Let's DO THIS THING!

I forgot to mention, I have this weird thing happening with my right foot. Every now and then, it swells up like a balloon and one spot near the front feels sore. I thought it was one particular pair of shoes, because I switched them and the swelling and pain went away. Only it comes back every now and then despite what shoes I'm wearing. I made an appointment with a doctor last time this happened but by the time my appointment came up, the swelling was gone so I cancelled. It's BACK! Part of me is scared to be seen in case they want to prescribe something not HCG friendly. I know it will go away again. I wonder if I should be seen now or when it happens again post P2?


Lis said...

Totally will be down I will just bet ~ that load weight drops off fast. No worries, I know that this will be a great round! I agree, we need t remember that this round is about INCHES... hard to do though when the focus is the loss on the scale!!

As far as your foot, I would go in now while its still swollen.... you should get that checked out! If they want to prescribe you something you can let the dr. know then what you are doing.No reason to live with pain when you might not have to!

lavenderdiva said...

No worries about that load weight- its gonna come off quick! Even though its hard not to, don't look at those numbers from last round & compare. This is a new round, and you're gonna be losing 'new' weight this go-round. You're on super-duper extra-oomph hcg this round! Lis is right: this round its about the inches and how you're gonna fit in your clothes afterwards.

Go see the Dr. about your foot. Take the opportunity with it being swollen to get to the bottom of that situation. He may tell you that you just need to elevate it, and not get any medications. You won't know until you see him.

I have a feeling this round's gonna be your best one yet!!

love you!