Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 12 VLCD 125.2 (- .0, total release 8.1 pounds)

Same as yesterday. An honest to goodness stall! Day 5 of 125.sumthin'.

So, I've been trying to figure out Simeon's apply day, and it appears you can eat normal protocol foods the next lunch day, however I know many of you have done apple days all in one day. I know I don't NEED to do one at all. The idea of nothing but apples doesn't bother me, but I fear feeling dehydrated. That I would rather not experience. So, I think what I'll do is one more normal protocol day today and if my weight is still taunting me tomorrow, I'll do either a Simeon's apple day or a modified one (all in one day).

I have been feeling smaller so I whipped out the measuring tape yesterday. I've already lost 2 inches on my waist! Half an inch on my neck (really??) and an inch off my chest. Woah!

I've been researching disclaimers for my site and have found several very good ones that I'll intergrate into my site. I'd hoped to launch today for the new moon, however that is a tad ambitious! I'm really close though.

Massive success vibes your way!!

The New Moon in Taurus on the 13th is a very dynamic one despite the natural placidity of the Taurean energy.
At the New Moon the solar principle of conscious mind and will is fused with the lunar principle of instinct and emotion, making New Moons the perfect time to begin something new.

In Taurus the Moon is moving from the initiation of Aries to an appreciation for a life that is more grounded. There is a greater need for security and for a life that feels connected to the earth in some way, either through the natural cycles of life or through the five senses of the body. More than any other sign, Taurus values all aspect of life in a body and this is a good place to start in this New Moon period.

The New Moon here is squared by Mars in Leo, suggesting some conflict between the urge for a more earth-bound life (Taurus) and the need for more action and self-expression (Leo).  Challenging aspects can create some tension between two differing impulses, and then it is up to us to integrate and balance.  So with this New Moon we are being asked to find that comfortable place of strength (Taurus) while still attending to the need to assert ourselves (Mars) in a way that helps us to find the truest self-expression (Leo).

The energy of the Saturn/Uranus opposition is also present here, presenting a dilemma that necessitates creating balance between the past and the future.  This opposition has been moving in and out since the fall of 2008 and is nearly complete, but in the meantime that balance between bringing in something new, fresh and different (Uranus) and relying on reliable structures from the past (Saturn) continues to require our focus.

But the New Moon forms a harmonious trine to this opposition and to Jupiter (confidence and abundance) as well, enabling us to more easily integrate all of these divergent impulses in order to create powerful intentions that help us to move forward with clarity. This clarity is aided by a trine from Mercury to Pluto that helps us to probe deeply beyond the surface into a multifaceted and multidimensional reality.

The New Moon energy is already available to us, and is perfect for beginning any new project connected to the Taurean desire for beauty, comfort and security.  Saving money for the future, spending time relaxing, working in the yard and connecting to the Earth Goddess, or finding the inner strength to persevere through adversity - all of these are valuable Taurean themes to consider now.


Anonymous said...

The two inches you lost off your waist have found a new home on my waist. *GRIN* Sorry to read about your stall...very frustrating. I admire your willingness to do an apple day. I like apples...just not that much to do a correction day. Hope the scale is kind to you soon!

lavenderdiva said...

As you know, I follow interior design blogs as well. Today, I came across a blog post that is unusually inclined to what you are embarking upon. Even though its about a designer & her business, its perfectly suited to what you are going to do. Please read it, and watch the video at the link on this post. Its perfect about how to sell your services, and why people will buy into what you are doing, and why they won't.

link here:

My apple/cheese day fell flat at dinner time. I did OK until then, when the splitting headache I'd been fighting ALL day long won out, and I couldn't face yet another apple (or cheese) for another meal. I ate a normal dinner, so I'm not sure how I will fare on the scale tomorrow morning.

I wouldn't worry about being dehydrated on your apple day. Apples are mostly water in and of themselves. Can't you have water in addition to the apples? I certainly would have it.

Glad to hear about all those inches going 'whoosh'! Congrats-

love you....

helderheid said...

LD, WOW! Wow, thank you so much, and how true! After reading this post and watching the video, I went on iTunes and downloaded several things he wrote. I have about 3 hours worth of materials to listen to! THANK YOU! It's perfect.

helderheid said...

Oh and LD, thanks for the apple advice. I bet you still see a drop tomorrow despite the normal dinner. You ate so light today otherwise! Hang in there. You'll knock the weight back off. :)