Saturday, May 1, 2010


Load day 2 - 130.2 (+3.6!!!! pounds. Gads!)

130s. I'd suspected I'd see them again after loading, but after 1 day of loading? Good lord.

I have a headache. Threw our annual Queen's Day party and between the food and the booze... blech.

I had toyed with the idea of loading for 3 days but after this gain, I'm rethinking that. I was so disappointed to see that number again. I remember it taking a week to break into the 120s. I really hope I can avoid that this time.

I'm just exhausted. I did dose - I remember from previous rounds being very forgetful about whether I dosed or not, so here it is, in writing, I dosed. :)

I'm going to catch up with you guys, grab something fattening and sprawl out on the couch.


Lis said...

You are going to have a great round!! Just think how quickly that will come off! Glad your party was fun... now eat! :)
Love you!

lavenderdiva said...

Lis is right: this load weight's gonna come off quick- Only you know what's worked best for you the first week, i.e. 2 vs. 3 days of loading. don't shortchange yourself on this end though, worrying about the extra lbs. The load weight comes off quick.

How long is this round going to be?

enjoy the loading! Its over soon enough-

love you!

helderheid said...

Thanks guys! I am up to 1000 calories so far. I've found that if I make ice cream shakes with half n half I get a nice wallop of fat without hurting myself TOO much.

I did fine in all my rounds, 2 or 3 days of loading. I was just thinking it might be fun to start the VLCD the same day I do the body wrap, but meh. :) I plan on going around 30 or so days. With load weight, Pre-load weight, I have about 10 pounds to release (obviously more with the load weight). Last round was so hard. It took a long time to get rid of the load weight and a very long time before losing new weight. Again, all rounds are different so we'll see. Thanks again!

lavenderdiva said...

Like you said, all rounds are different. I'm thinking this round is going to be your BEST one yet! You've got the super-duper highly charged hcg! Plus at the end, you're going to look the BEST you've ever looked: you've got gorgeous new ta-tas, and a beautifully flat tummy!!!

that milkshake sounds scrumptious!!

Nick and Meg said...

Today is my first loading day. I've failed the last 4 times I've done hcg--lost a lot but gained it all back. I'm hoping to have success this time, but no failures! It's nice to be doing this with you in a sense. :-)
you are my inspiration. You'll do great this round!

Kathryn said...

You'll be back in the 120's in no time. Let us know if you end up doing the body wrap and what it's like.