Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 28 VLCD 119.7 (- 2.4, total release 13.6 pounds) - LAST DOSE DAY

Who knew I was so full of shit? ;)

2.4 pounds released!! I think it was a combo of the water released from the apples, and I was constipated! Good lord, and HOW!


Total loss of inches: 17.25 in 4 weeks.

I would have been satisfied ending where I could drop 2 pounds into the 100 teens so this 2.4 pound drop obviously has me over the MOON! I can drop to 117.7 (just about where I ended last round so I consider this a monumental success!). We'll see how I feel after 2 weeks away and eating P3 style food if I'll want to finish up that last vial. Today I'm thinking I will, as it's such a tiny amount of time, it would give me the experience of a planned interruption.

Measurements since May 3 (and maybe for good this round if I don't do the interruption):

Today is going to be gorgeous. 70 degrees and sunny. It's Sunday and no one expects me to work today (though I'm suddenly SWIMMING in real estate work - I have 3 homes under contract and another offer cooking that should be good by Tuesday, 2 listings and a possible 3rd coming up, and possibly a new rental! YAY!

Massive success vibes your way! Thanks for "listening". :)


lavenderdiva said...

Wow!!! I'm SOOO very glad you had this terrific loss today, as it was your LDW! You did it: you made it into the teens again this round!! WooHOOOO!!!! I'm so happy for you--

lots of love coming your way....

helderheid said...

I couldn't believe it, LD! I would have been thrilled with ANY loss, but 2.4? Wow!

Thanks for ALWAYS being there for me! It means the world to me!

Love you so!

Lis said...

Fantastic loss!!! And a great place to pause and pick up again if you want to. Great way to start your vacation! Love you!