Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 20 VLCD 122.8 (-.8, total release 10.5 pounds)

Hooray! Nice drop. Granted, it's still making up the .7 gain, but I won't complain... and this was before I "released" some more weight, if you know what I mean. :)

The wrap was JUST what I needed. They plugged me into a mediation specifically to release stress. You know what a foul mood I was in before my wrap. I left feeling so calm, energized, and renewed. Worth every cent. I swear by it for this reason alone! Here's more information on the meditations they provide.

For those of you in Utah, here's a link to the place where I'm getting the wraps, and here's a link to their coupons.

So, to steak day or not to steak day, that is the question.

My husband is concerned about me mixing things up. I find that so funny, and so sweet that he cares! I'm sure it wouldn't hurt, since it's a P2 friendly steak. I could even split the steak in 2 and cut out the veggies and just have 1 apple as my fruit with dinner and I wouldn't be straying from the protocol AT ALL. Here's my dilemma. I have quite a few cucumbers that are still good, but won't be for long. Not eating them now may mean throwing some out and I'd HATE to waste them.

The other thing is I'm not nearly so driven to get to 117 by the end of this batch (I'm still hoping for 118). I do want to get to a weight where I can stay within 2 pounds and stabilize at 115. According to the Mayo BMI calculator which takes into account sex and age as well, 112 is my ideal weight.

Here's why I'm not so driven to get to 117 by May 29th. I've never had an interruption in any of my rounds. One vial of HCG will last me 2 weeks. If I mix the last vial I have and extend this round by a week, I may very likely reach the weight I want to, leave for my trip to Oregon on the 8th and start P3 that evening, and have my 2nd vial of 1 week's worth of HCG waiting for me in the freezer when I get home. Assuming I've not gone more than 2 weeks between doses, I can start right back on HCG with that 2nd vial when I come home from my trip without reloading. Why would I want to do this you may ask? For the experience of it. If I'm going to help people with the protocol, I'd like to be able to share my personal experience when it comes to things like a planned interruption, and apple days (finally tried that too!).

It may seem silly, but it gives me a large cushion of time to reach my goal, and gives me the experience of a planned interruption (and there would only be a week to go when I get back which is TOTALLY doable). The other thing it gives me a chance to do is to make a mixing video for my website.

So, those are my thoughts. I'll think about whether or not I'll do a steak day today or not. :)

Thanks again EVERYONE and Lis, I got your testimonial! It was just wonderful and will be on the site today! Thanks again!

OH!! And if you're comfortable sending me a before and after picture, you know they are worth 1,000 words! Thank you!


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nikkispower said...

Congrats on your loss. I think your plan with HCG is spot on! You're so right there's no better way to teach than to be an example of it! I'm so happy for you in your newest venture! You go gurl!