Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 16 VLCD 123.7 (-.5, total release 9.6 pounds)

Decent release. I won't complain. Still, I was calculating whether or not making my goal of 118 by the 29th was possible and though it is, juuuuuuust barely. I plan on throwing the kids in the car and driving to Oregon once I'm in P3 and they're out of school so I was looking at the timing. If I stop on the 29th, my first day of P3 is the evening of June 1. June 3, my husband and I are going to the U2 concert. I won't want to make that long drive the following day, and then it's the weekend. I will want to spend that with my husband before taking off, so that would mean leaving on the 7th. Now, I have more HCG and could go another week if I felt I needed/wanted to, in order to hit a very comfortable number (and though I said this was more about inches, I still have a hard time letting go of the number on the scale. Bad habit. I digress). THAT said, I'd be in P3 the evening of the 8th. I could leave that day and do P2 the first day on the road, which would be easy to do if I prepared my cucumbers, chicken, and threw a couple apples in a bag. That has me leaving only 1 day later. SO, I won't let the timing of the trip dictate what I decide to do round wise. I hate to get SO CLOSE to my goal and then stop just short of it. Besides, if I could go on one more week, I have the possibility of actually hitting my REAL goal of 115. That's my favorite weight ever. It would be nice to be within 2 pounds of that so I could stabilize there.

Thanks for all the input on the tattoo! I found a GREAT artist in Portland:

I can't get this during my round since I'll need to use lotion and oil while it heals, so I thought I'd get it done while on my trip. Opinions, ladies. Right bicep, or in between my shoulder blades? If it were a design that would lend itself to looking good on my belly, I'd do that as I still have no sensation between my belly button and the incision on my tummy. Here's a picture of someone who has it on their back - I don't want it that large - I would need to be able to conceal it given my line of work:

This would be far too large for me! I'm thinking 1/2 to 1/3 the size!

Ok, off to take the kids to school and then I need to get ready for a funeral for my friend's mom. 

Oh, SUSAN! How did the apple day go for you?

Talk to you all soon!



nikkispower said...

I feel all that energy you got there just reading your post!
I think you're right about not letting the trip dictate how you do with your diet. You are SO enjoying your life! Good for you and great loss too!

nikkispower said...

Oh, and yes that's an awesome tattoo on the back and definitely much smaller!

lavenderdiva said...

I'm with Nikki after reading your post! Your energy really comes through-- you sound like you're in a good place in your life right now!

love the new tattoo- but go smaller. What about a smaller version on your lower back. That way, if you needed to cover it up for business, it would be pretty easy. If you were to do it on your bicep or between your shoulder blades, would you see that if you wore something sleeveless, or a top that had a lower back? However, I think you are more experienced at this than me, and know your body MUCH better! Its such a neat tattoo, it'll be great wherever you decide to put it!!

love you!

helderheid said...

Thanks guys!

I already have a lower back tattoo, as well as one on my left bicep. I may ask the artist where she suggests I put it. I'm thinking between the blades but smaller, my right bicep, or perhaps around the one on my lower back. That might work!

chipmunck said...

That is an excellent tattoo!!! I love it! I agree- smaller! :)