Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 19 VLCD 123.6 (+.7, total release 9.7 pounds)

Deja vu and not in a good way. :(

Thanks to all of you for the extremely sweet words and encouragement on my new project! Lis, I would love a blurb, thank you!!

So I'm up .7 which makes my goal by the 29th seem impossible, however I won't let it get me down. It just means I may have to mix one more batch.

I planned on doing a P2 steak day experiment yesterday but didn't. Today (in 15 minutes so this will be brief!) I have another body wrap, so I don't want to try the steak day today, as I truly want to see if the wrap makes a difference in my releases. Tomorrow I'll do the P2 steak day experiment. I hope it shakes things up enough that my original goal will return within reach.

I hate that the gain has impacted my mood. My husband told me he's staying out of my way today as I am extra nasty. Quite frankly, I'd love to simply tuck myself back in bed, but I have my wrap and then it's off to show more houses this afternoon. No rest for the wicked.

Later, I'll work on my site again. I need to:

Set up PayPal for my services (thanks for the idea LD)
Add a sign up for my newsletter
Work on submitting to search engines and design an add for facebook.

K, peeps. I'm off to my wrap. I hope it cheers me up. I was so energized the last time!

Wishing you success in all things!


Nick and Meg said...

Hi! What's the name of the place you go to get your wraps? I'd love to try them!

mommygonemilf said...

I just saw your new blog. So cute with the red checkers! So exciting too. :)

Nick and Meg said...

I wondered if you can give me advice---Last Sunday I was at I am finally at 173.2. Took me 4 days to go down a you think I should do an apple day?

helderheid said...

Thanks guys!

Meg, here:

Meg, I wouldn't try an apple day until you've stalled 4-6 days... since you're now down to 173.2, I'd wait 4-6 days and if you're still within .2 of what you are today, then I'd try an apple day. :)

lavenderdiva said...

Could the blip be hormonal? I know there's really no way of telling, but I suspect that's the trouble. That would also explain the mood swing. Don't worry. No doubt the combination of today's wrap, and tomorrow's P3-type steak day will render a LOVELY drop! Hang tight, don't stress, and relax. Tomorrow's weigh-in will be different from today's, and Saturday's will be different from tomorrow's. Its all good.

New idea: I think you need to set up a twitter page. Include daily affirmations. Its so good to just see a short reminder that's positive and reassuring. You're SO good at both of those things!!

love you-

helderheid said...

Thanks LD! I have tried to get into Twitter before... I think this may be the perfect application for it. That and a facebook page!

Holistic Health Coach-Tri Mom said...

Doing another P2 steak day today, these are getting a little too common...but maybe both of us are too close to the end of what the HCG will allow? Heres hoping thats not it! I hate gaining on 500 calories!

Kathryn said...

I would be honoured to write a testimonial for you too. Are you still looking for more?

helderheid said...


Lis said...

OK, will do!! :) Dont worry about the blip, bet its off tomorrow. Let me know how the steak day goes!! I coveted my husband's wine last night - small sip, I was good, but it made me think of you! :)

Lis said...

got the blurb, cant send you a message, help!