Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 7 VLCD 127 ( -.3, Total release 6.3)

Still .4 away from pre-load weight. I weighed at my normal time exactly the same as yesterday but tried again this morning and was .3 lighter. I'll take it. I fear a repeat of my last round. Forever to get rid of the load weight and then little ups and downs for 3 more weeks before finally making a little progress.

I'm dosing as I type to remind myself I dosed. I'm now on the bottle I'd frozen. You'd think by now I'd at least be past my load weight.

I'm fairly emotional right now. I had strange dreams, especially of my husband and his constant withdrawal by napping. He told me last night I got the entire weekend to sleep in, which I was so looking forward to. I was sick  yesterday (too much potty action, and hardly anything to show for it) and I really need the rest. My daughter woke me up by putting the cat on me. Half asleep and cranky, I told her to take the cat and go downstairs. At this point I really wanted to try to get back to sleep, but my husband wanted to connect. I was just too cranky and sleepy to respond the way he wanted. He then decided to go watch our daughter and at THAT point, I couldn't sleep anymore. I sent him a text trying to connect with him but he flat out rejected me and sent our daughter up to snuggle. I hugged her, got out of bed and sent her away so I could get dressed. As soon as she was gone, I just burst into tears. I'm still crying. I'm just so tired and there's something I'm not quite seeing that I know is just beyond my sight.

I'm really, really tired.

I found an old psychic reading on tape that I played into my computer mic and recorded an .mp3 for my parents to hear that I emailed them. I've not listened to it completely again, but need to. I'm going to download it to my iPhone and listen to it again when I'm driving. I'm hoping for some insight. I may split the file and upload a portion for you all to hear as well. She's really good.

For now, here is something we can all benefit from watching.

Edited to add...

Here is that reading I was telling you about:

Part 1 Reading
Part 2 Reading

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lavenderdiva said...

Wow! That video was inspiring! I needed that-

Hey, I couldn't get the links to your reading to work. I got the following message:

Access Denied!
This file is not available because you are either not logged-in or do not have the owner's permission to view it.

Mr. ld wanted to 'cuddle' this afternoon too- but I've had severe stomach cramps & have spent the last 2 days in the bathroom with an upset stomach, and am really not in the mood, if ya know what I mean. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that they are guys, and that subtleties just elude them. You're worn out from the physical reactions you've been dealing with, and just want to rest. They always wake up & want to connect-- at the crack of dawn! I am not a morning person, and this just drives me crazy!! You two will connect, at a time that is good for both of you-

love you much!