Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 23 VLCD 120.7 (-1.6, total release 12.6 pounds)

WOW! P2 steak days WORK!!!!

Less than a pound away from being back into the teens! Woot! Thanks to those of you who experimented with lean P2 steak days and gave me the courage to try it too!

I am on the 2nd bottle of my 2nd vial of HCG as of this morning. As I mentioned. I thought I would have started it on Saturday, so there's no way I'll need to mix my next vial before I leave. I fully expect to be right close to my goal before I leave so it will feel strange mixing up another 2 week supply when I get back, but I keep reminding myself that not only do I want this experience, it will pretty much ensure I'll get to the ultimate goal I want to reach, and I don't HAVE to use it all up. It's inexpensive enough.

I'll get prepared for my next round after the Holidays just in case they make it more difficult to obtain. This time, I'm getting 2000 ius rather than 5000, and mixing more often. Again though, hopefully next round will be strictly a detox/reshaping round. I've healed enough from my surgery that I'm comfortable starting back up with the Pilates and starting Krav Maga classes once I'm done with this round.

It JUST stopped snowing. Seriously? Seriously! Sticking snow on MAY 24! Really?? Ugh. I'm braving the streets though. I have a noon appointment to have my iPhone looked at (it's having issues) and the shopping center I have to go to to do that has WONDERFUL shops! Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, JJill, Coldwater Creek, and though I'm not done shrinking, my top half pretty much is and I have 1 good business blouse. I'm going to see what I can find, AND I'm looking for a dress for my hot date a week from tomorrow! WOOT! I'll take pictures... ;)

Thanks for all the support! I'm off to catch up with you (and thanks for reading for those of you who don't blog but lurk! :) )


Lis said...

SNOW??? Yuck!! Glad I am in AZ!

Fnatastic results for your steak day!! I am glad it worked for you! To almost be under 120 is wonderful! I am anxious to see how your planned interruption goes. Mr. Lis and I probably are only doing one of the events this weekend, so I dont need an interruption after all. Still nice to know its an option if needed!

Have fun shopping! Love ya!

lavenderdiva said...

Wow! Your result from the P2 steak day is better than any result I ever had from doing the steak day in P3!!! That's fantastic! You have made HUGE strides this past week-

I hope your shopping excursion was productive, and you found some new things- Of course, we want pics!

I can't believe you had snow today! We were up in the 90's in Houston today!!!

love you!

Kathryn said...

Just curious how many ounces of steak you had and did you have veggies too or just steak?

It's amazing that you have snow there. We had gorgeous 90 degrees all weekend plus the humidity.

Hope you found some nice new clothes! I'm sure you will look fabulous in them.