Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 17 VLCD 123.6 (-.1, total release 9.7 pounds)

Morning, Peeps!

I tried Walden Farms ranch as well as chocolate sauce yesterday. I have no idea if that accounts for the .1 loss or not. I'm not getting enough sleep, and I suspect that has more to do with it. I need to go to bed earlier! I hope it's not the Walden Farms, as mixing the ranch with Tobasco sauce made a nice dip for my chicken and asparagus.

Regardless of the small loss, this is still an average loss for someone who is considered a healthy weight/BMI of .57 per day. Last round? I think I was at .1 average per day at this point. If I continue at this rate, I'll be at 117.33 by May 29th, which is when I will stop or remix one more vial. If I'm at 117, I won't mix another batch, as I can safely stabilize at 115 at that weight. I. Would. LOVE. That. Yesterday, my average was still .65 per day which would have me at 115 last dose day if I kept that average up. Now, I have no idea what my weight will do, but I expect I'll have another decent loss coming up given the last 2 days were minimal.

I'm going to schedule another body wrap, hopefully for Thursday. That may shake things up too. :) I may also do a steak day with the super lean steaks I found. 1 steak is about 300 grams of protein. I am debating trying one day of following p3/p4 steak day rules, only using 1 of these steaks. That would be still around 500 calories if I ate it with a tomato or apple. I have no idea if it would work, but it's all p2 friendly foods so I figure it can't hurt.

Busy week - I picked up 2 new buyers! I am so happy about this. If it all pans out, I will be close to achieving  my financial goals between the 2 homes I have under contract, the listing I have when it sells, the other 2 listings coming up, and the 2 new buyers I have. Now that I know how much I need and how I need to allocate it to make sure my taxes are also covered, I am feeling confident I will be out of business debt this year. What a complete relief THAT will be! Still, I have learned my lesson the hard way. DO NOT count your chickens before they hatch, especially in this business.

Okay, I've TRULY babbled on long enough. :) I hope it's a wonderful day for you! Now, POST AN UPDATE. Y'all have been slackery lately!


Nick and Meg said...

Where do you get the body wraps at? How much does it cost? I really want to try it!

meg in Utah

helderheid said...

Meg, at Golden Tan Utah. Here is a coupon for a FREE wrap:


Lis said...

Wowza, you are going gang busters! GOod for you!

I got the Walden Farms blue cheese (dont like) and the Thousand Island (like). They didnt have the chocolate sauce that I could see, but they did have the BBQ - anyone tried that? There was an original and a spicy. Bet you get to 117 before you know it!! :)

lavenderdiva said...

I have absolutely no doubt that you WILL make your goal this round! You are going gang-busters with your super-duper hcg. I'd definitely give the steak day a try. With that & your body wrap, that will definitely give your metabolism a nudge in the right direction.

I'm so happy to hear about how busy your business is! And that you are on track to meet OR EXCEED your financial goals! Do you think your meditation tapes have helped you in this direction?

hugs to you!

Jen Payne said...

Well, even though the weight loss is slow, everything else seems to be going well! You are due for a decent loss sometime soon! Good luck with your new buyers!