Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 9 VLCD 125.3 ( -.2, Total release 8)

Not much, but as I said last post, if things continue as they have, I'll be happy. Every couple days a nice big fat release makes me very happy. Hopefully it will continue. I keep pounding the water (I'm drinking sparkly water flavored with stevia) and sticking 100% to protocol. I've learned a new trick with the sorbet. Now rather than making 2 a day, I am having an apple as one of my fruits (probably not a bad idea given the fiber) and having my sorbet in the evening. This way rather than splitting my lemon between 2 servings, I am using my entire lemon for the 1 sorbet which allows me to add more water, making it one HUGE ass sorbet! We're talking more than 2 cups worth. I don't want for more after I'm done with it, and it's still like 60 calories! My kids love it (though I'm not sharing until we get our new dishwasher when it will be easier to make them theirs separately in the blender with bottled lemon juice which has oil in it an a no no for P2). This Summer when I'm in P3, we'll all partake - sugar free, full of vitamin C, totally healthy and soooo good for you. I may add heavy cream as a treat now and then! :)

I figured out my financial goals yesterday - what I need to make to pay off my real estate debts and still be able to cover my taxes. I've written them down and printed them out. They are in front of me on my desk so I can't miss them. They are very specific in amount of money and time. In front of them, I have pinned up the quote, "Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail!" - Charles Kettering. This was the quote I hung onto during my previous rounds. If I can go from a size 16 to a size 4, I can do anything.

I'm off to design a post card to send to my list. :)

All positive thoughts your way!


Nick and Meg said...

How do you make a sorbet in P2? I'd love to try it!!!

Could you email me it?

Thanks! You're doing GREAT!!!!


helderheid said...

Here you go!


lavenderdiva said...

that sorbet sounds scrumptious- I'm going to have to remember that for my next round. I just never think of lemon desserts.

I'll just bet another really nice drop is in your future! And I'm not the great Karnak either! I think its a pretty sure bet, with your super-duper hcg!!

hugs to you.

Fleur - de- Lis Girl said...

great job opn eating so clean- I ended up doing the same thing- having the sorbet with lemon in the evening and it was awesome! so hats off to you girl! Great job and I am proud of you for staying right on protocol- it feels so good! keep up the good work!

nikkispower said...

Beautiful losing! Thanks for the link I want to try that sorbet too!