Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 25 VLCD 123 (+1.5, total release 10.3 pounds)

What the hell HAPPENED?

Okay, this has to be TOM, but seriously, I've GAINED almost 2.5 pounds in 2 DAYS. 2 DAYS! And 1.5 was OVERNIGHT AFTER A STEAK DAY.

I am at a loss.

I started having a migraine (day 1 of 3) yesterday. My breasts are not only torturing me, but they have broken out like they used to when I was a teenager. I know, know, KNOW this is hormonal, but still. What a total disappointment... and I only have 3 more days to go before I stop dosing. I really had no doubt in my mind I'd get to 118. That's 5 pounds away. I'll be lucky to get back to 120.7 and that isn't likely. Shit, I hope it comes off as quickly as it came on.

I'm SO glad now that I have that other vial of HCG. I will be needing it! I'll be very curious how my body will respond to it after the break. It would be so grand if I had similar large losses in that first week, though without loading and this far into the game, I'm not necessarily counting on that. Just curious. I am still very hopeful to end up 113-115 after that last box.

I didn't do any cleaning yesterday other than laundry, and that's never ending. Tomorrow my father will be visiting so I need to get the guest room prepared for him, as well as clean the house, as he will be doing a demonstration on the dangers of "dirty electricity" and how to protect your home. I'll need everything spiffy and to buy hor d'oeuvres from Costco.

Thinking releasing and stabilizing vibes for all y'all! Oh, and HAPPY FULL MOON!


Jen Payne said...

What a crazy round you are having! My last round was all over the map too. Definitely not as smooth as the first 2! I decided against doing another round right now. I barely got he words out of my mouth, and my husband was like NO :) He is afraid I will lose too much, and he can't stand stick thin girls :) Lucky for me! I may do another one at the end of summer, but I will just wait and see. Plus maintenance is so nice right now I hate to upset that and risk not stabilizing so well again! Good luck on the planned break, I am interested to see how that goes!

Jen Payne said...
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