Sunday, October 25, 2009

121.2 today - VLCD #21

Loss since load, 5.5
Loss since pre-load, 2.2
Average daily loss, .26 pounds per day

Actually, given I averaged .5 per day last 2 rounds when I had a lot to lose, this isn't that bad. I had expected it to be slower. Heh.

My old scale is still kissing up to me and had me at 120.2. He'll show that NEW scale. HA!

It's been a nice surprise to have 3 consecutive days of losses. Who thought that would happen?? For losses on the HCG protocol to be a surprise??

Yesterday I tried on 2 pair of pants that were way on sale I just had to buy them (this was a couple months ago in anticipation of this round). I bought 2 pair of dress slacks from J.Jill - normally $79 each for $19! Size 4. They ALMOST fit. I can put them on, but I wouldn't wear them out. 3 more pounds, I bet they will fit. My 6s are all getting loose. I really need to measure myself.

I still haven't started on my letter and I fear the longer I let it go, the easier it will be for me to crawl back into my shell and fester. I must get it out while it's still fresh. I may need to re-read some of my entries to truly feel again what I need to in order to do this. I won't do it until the kids are in school and he's at work. It's too hard to do it with them all here. In the meantime, we're connecting really well in every other way. I'll be so glad when I can rid myself of this artificial wall.

Good news is I think my buyers may finally get their home. Fingers crossed, everyone. The game of real estate seems to change on a whim! I feel good about this though.

Keep up the blogging, my friends. I so enjoy reading what is happening with you all!


Caitlin Murphy said...

You look so wonderful! What a lovely picture of you. It is amazing what a different perspective breaking out the averages will do. :) Thank you so much for your comment on my blog- you are far too sweet. I definitely have weight to lose- I should take a picture sitting down and you could see it all in my tummy. :( I will post further too...

I also wanted to say, since I haven't had the time and energy to post a comment yet. Your posts are among the ones that really have affected me. I can relate to you in certain ways and you really have been giving me the courage to start thinking of ways to tackle my issues in constructively. So, thank you! :) Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic! Keep up the great job on the weight loss. I hope when you're comfortable in those new pants we get to see a picture. Enjoy your day!

Christy in Seattle said...

You look beautiful and healthy! Don't give up on trying to communicate with your husband. If you just can't screw up your courage to do it, or if you do but it doesn't go well, you may be able to get reduced-price counseling thru your insurance. Tod and I did that, and it saved our marriage.

helderheid said...

Caitlin... WOW. That means the absolute world to me. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you sharing that with me!

I'm really glad you're going to continue with your blog. I'd hate to lose track of you and how things are going. Thanks again!

helderheid said...

Autumn Rose, thanks so much! I promise, if I fit in those 4s, you'll see me in them! :) Thanks again!

helderheid said...

Christy, Thanks!!! I most certainly will not give up. I have it in me, I'm just easily distracted... and it's easy to fall back into comfortable patterns, whether or not they serve you anymore. I am determined no to do so this time, in so many areas in my life. There's no going back now. It would be emotional suicide and I love me too much for that. I love him too much for that, and I love my children too much for that!! Thanks so much for the constant encouragement. It means the world to me.

lavenderdiva said...

You are a beautiful woman, inside AND out! Your new photo is gorgeous!! Congratulations also on your imminent house sale-- fingers crossed for you!

I think going back and re-reading your posts here would be very helpful in putting pen to paper, and getting your thoughts out, to share with your dh. You will find just the right time, and the right way to share your heart with him.

0.3lbs released is GREAT, especially since you are so close to your goal. I'm convinced you were dealing with hormonal shifts and unfortunately, your metabolism just needed some time to recover. I also believe that you WILL see the teens this round!

helderheid said...

Thanks for believing in me, Lavenderdiva! I am so glad we're doing this together. Thanks for keeping my chin up!

I will go back through those older posts and at the very least start the letter. Whether I give it to him or not, we'll see. I may be brave enough afterwards to find my voice and talk to him!