Monday, October 26, 2009

No, no! The OTHER way! THE OTHER WAY! 122.3 - VLCD #22

Gain of 1.1 pounds. *sigh*

I was so hoping to see the 110s today, at LEAST on my old kiss assy scale! No, it had me at more than a pound gain as well.

Today I must get back on track with my house attack in between checking on my transaction and replenishing my grocery supplies. Lots to do. Hopefully there will be enough time to go over what I've written and re-set the mood for writing my letter. I know the act of doing so will be as cathartic if not more than the other writing.

I'm suddenly hungry. *double sigh* Off to get coffee and deliver the kidlets to school.

Thanks for all the lovely comments from my new picture!



Christy in Seattle said...

Sigh. Sorry, Clarity!

I'm at 202 this morning. Damn water weight!

helderheid said...

Oh CRAP FOR CRAP! That sucks, Christy! Let's up our water intake - perhaps you'll get back to under 200 and I'll get under the 120s ... let's hope!

lavenderdiva said...

Oh pooh. You WILL get there though. Believe it. Like you, I need to drink more water to see better daily results. glug. glug. and hugs.

Christy in Seattle said...

hehe ... I'm drinking 100 oz + a day. If I drink any more, I'll float away. Mine's just TOM, I hope!