Monday, October 19, 2009

Back up to 125

I still have the migraine. These generally last 3 days. I'll coast through. My breasts are still aching as well, though they seem better.

My weight is going no where. Passing around these few pounds for 2 weeks is beyond discouraging. I was so certain I'd be in the 100 teens by now.

I have some decisions to make. Do I spray 3 times versus 4 giving me a dose of 125 versus 166 extending my next bottle of hcg for 20 days or do I get through the minimum 23 days and call it quits? Do I continue 500 calories a day or do I start eating 800-1000? All signs lead to this experiment being over, except I am missing that one symptom Dr. S said I'd have and that is ravenous hunger. As far as hunger goes, this has been one of my easiest rounds.

I did "screw up" and had a vodka on my anniversary. I have no idea if I can blame that for this or not, given the pattern I've had so far. Hell, at this point I'd be thrilled to see 121.4 again!

I'll let you know what I decide. I'll also eek out more of the story if my head isn't bothering me too much. In the meantime, if you've got advice, I'd love to hear it.

Heh. For kicks I just checked to see how many pounds per day I'm losing on average. Get ready...

.11333333 pounds per day on average! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!


Christy in Seattle said...

Hang in there! I hesitate to offer any advice, so instead I'll offer encouragement. As a cluster headache sufferer, let me just say that I'm so sorry you're having migraine. It's just a horrible kind of pain!

helderheid said...

Thanks Christy. Bleah.