Friday, October 23, 2009

Figures. 121.9 ( drop of 2.4 overnight) Heh!

Okay, well NOW what to do? I think I'll do one more low calorie day before I judge this drop. It could easily all be back tomorrow! :) Can't say I wasn't thrilled to see the number though. 121.4 on the old scale. This could all be attributed to my tummy woes yesterday. I did manage 567 calories (I had extra strawberries at about 9 last night) but I had horrendous stomach issues and was sick last evening. We'll see what the scale says tomorrow. If there is a drop or it remains the same, I may give the VLCDs a week longer. I am SO CLOSE to the 100 teens. If I gain, I'll assume it was being ill that caused the drop.

Lavenderdiva pointed out that I'm clearing out room by room in my house just as I'm doing the same in my emotional house. Very appropriate! Speaking of, I made no progress yesterday. I had too much going on. Tomorrow I'm showing a couple homes but I am determined that this weekend is the weekend that we attack the garage. It WILL be totally cleaned out and reorganized. I can't believe the crap in there. I also need to get my parents' snowblower out of our shed so I can take pictures and sell it. They owe me a little money so I'm hoping we can sell it for enough to take our Thanksgiving trip out there next month.

I'm feeling really, really good today. I'm excited at the prospect of being able to reconnect with my husband. I am really excited about being able to understand me well enough to explain me to him. I'm feeling so confident that he'll get me and understand that "get over it" isn't a game plan (yeah, he's said that before - and that DOES work for him. Me? Not so much).

My kids are out early today so I better get to it. I would like to finish the kitchen and maybe even my desk (GASP).

Toodle-oooo, buckeroos!


Cris said...

You're not alone. My DH has told me several times to "get over it" right after I've practically bared my soul to him. It's so hard to hear those words. You always want more than that. He just doesn't know how to say more than that OR be a bit more compassionate. As harsh as those words are, I realize he's right. There is no more simple way to say it other than to get over it. I just want to scream even when I say it to myself! What's making me want to scream is not simply "getting over it", but figuring out what got me to this point in the first place and how to get over it and it has nothing to do with the DH - only me. That's not the so simple part of the plan you've got to explain. Maybe then he'll understand. Sometimes my DH does and sometimes not. Aggravating creatures aren't they? LOL

helderheid said...

True, Cris! Though the "get over it" I agree about what's in my past that's held me back, "get over it" won't cut it for the valid concerns I'm having about out family. :)

Christy in Seattle said...

Be kind to yourself. Remember how far you've come on this journey. If you get into the 110s and can stay there without living a life of constant dieting and deprivation, then great! If not, learn to love that final ten pounds, because they seem to be attached to a pretty fabulous woman!

helderheid said...

Ah, Christy! *HUG* Thank you!!

lavenderdiva said...

Wow! That's a fantastic loss for you today, helderheid! I am thrilled to bits for you! Its about time, huh? See how it goes for the next few days, and see if you keep losing. You'll know what to do.

I'm so glad you had a big drop today! I wonder if losing emotional baggage counts on the scale? ;) OOO

helderheid said...

I suspect that could have something to do with it lavenderdiva!