Thursday, October 8, 2009

I forgot my dose until noon. Gah!

I feel so silly. I went ahead and dosed at 12 and will dose again probably around 10 tonight. Oh well.

I also took a Lifecap as suggested by Lavernderdiva which has helped with the hunger, though I have to say, it made me feel a little "buzzy". Not sure how else to describe it. Hope it helps.

So, I may not be able to lose anymore, though I suspect I will a bit more as I am not "ravenously" hungry. I am technically at a normal body weight, and this is what P&I says about that on pages 51-52 of "Pounds and Inches":

"We never give a treatment lasting less than 26 days, even in patients needing to lose only 5 pounds. It seems that even in the mildest cases of obesity the diencephalon requires about three weeks rest from the maximal exertion to which it has been previously subjected in order to regain fully its normal fat-banking capacity. Clinically this expresses itself, in the fact that, when in these mild cases, treatment is stopped as soon as the weight is normal, which may be achieved in a week, it is much more easily regained than after a full course of 23 injections.

As soon as such patients have lost all their abnormal superfluous fat, they at once begin to feel ravenously hungry in spite of continued injections. This is because HCG only puts abnormal fat into circulation and cannot, in the doses used, liberate normal fat deposits; indeed, it seems to prevent their consumption. As soon as their statistically normal weight is reached, these patients are put on 800-1000 Calories for the rest of the treatment. The diet is arranged in such a way that the weight remains perfectly stationary and is thus continued for three days after the 23rd injection. Only then are the patients free to eat anything they please except sugar and starches for the next three weeks."

Now just because I am technically at a "normal" weight, that doesn't mean I've lost all my abnormal fat. Still, I am now very aware of what I need to look out for. I will also completely go with the flow and not be concerned about if I lose or not. I will lose the last of the abnormal fat, wherever that takes me weight wise. If that happens before 112 and I have the aforementioned symptoms, I will increase to 800-1000 calories until the end of the round and then move into P3. As I said before, this is more about healing than losing for me now.

Thanks for listening. :) Your support means the world to me.


Christy in Seattle said...

You must have a tiny frame! I would look like a twig at 112 pounds. My doctor kind of wants me to get down to 135. I'd be about a size 4 at that weight. So, my goal for now is size 6, subject to revision as I get closer to goal. If it's not too personal, what size will you be at 112 pounds?

helderheid said...

That's a good question and the more I think about it 112 is probably too small. I have a fairly large ribcage, even larger than before due to my pregnancies and being only 5' tall. They had to fit somewhere! I'll post a picture of me when I was 111 pounds though in my next post. This was after I had my son and before the hormonal nastiness hit and I gained all the weight. I'm probably a 4 at that size though.